China launches campaign to clean up lead acid battery production

Later this year, authorities in China will launch a campaign targeted at cleaning up the lead acid battery production process. The government's campaign calls for blanket inspections of all lead acid battery manufacturing sites and the immediate suspension of operations at any facility found to be in violation of the emissions guidelines laid out by China's environmental protection officials. Lead acid battery manufacturers with failing or outdated pollution control systems could be closed down immediately. Likewise, any battery production site that refuses inspections will be forced to shut its doors.

The government's campaign comes after a string of lead-related poisonings in the provinces of Anhui, Hunan and Shaanxi. China's environmental protection minister, Zhou Shengxian, stated that, "Heavy metals pollution control will be the cardinal task in environmental protection." Shengxian urged local officials to keep a close eye on any facility that works with toxic heavy metals. Of course, Chinese automakers use lead acid batteries in conventional vehicles and, in some cases, to power all-electric cars.

[Source: People's Daily Online]

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