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Actor Rowan Atkinson auctions off two modern classic super saloons

Mr. Bean is a true enthusiast.

It's 500E vs. 8.32 at Silverstone Auctions.

Lancia contemplating Chrysler 300-based Thema coupe?

Head overseas and you may run into a Chrysler 300 wearing a distinctly foreign badge: that of Lancia. The awkward stepchild of the Fiat group rebadges Chrysler vehicles as their own and gives them nameplates from their own back-catalog. Lancia calls its rebadged 300 the Thema, but aside from the hand

Rebadged Dodge, Chrysler model sales a mixed bag in Europe

Fiat, in an attempt to make its purchase of Chrysler more profitable, has been marketing rebadged Dodge and Chrysler models in Europe with mixed results.

Report: Chrysler 300-based Lancia to debut in Geneva

According to Automotive News, Lancia is planning to unveil a new vehicle based on the Chrysler 300 architecture at next year's Geneva Motor Show. Called the Thema, the new sedan will bow alongside the five-door Ypsilon on the Lancia stage in March. So far, details are slim, though it's clear that the Italian automaker isn't plann