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Here Are The New Cars That Hold Their Value Best

Honda and Toyota earn top honors in two annual residual value surveys

As you take the plunge on a new car purchase, it helps to know which brands hold their value the best. Two recent surveys named Honda and Toyota as the brands most likely to hold their values in first five years of ownership.

KBB: Ford most considered car brand, Hyundai makes big jump

Hyundai was one of just a few companies to come through the automotive meltdown of 2009 relatively unscathed. The Korean automaker managed to keep sales up while others faltered thanks to a quality, inexpensive product lineup backed with a stout warranty. Now it looks like those very factors are beginning impact the number of car shoppers who would consider hopping into a Hyundai. According to the Kelly Blue Book Market Intelligence Brand Watc

KBB survey says consumers still mindful of gas prices

The fact that gas prices keep sinking has been both a relief and a horror for many of us. It obviously takes a big strain off your budget, but in the grander scheme it also seems to move the discussion focus away from alternative fuels and high-mileage vehicles as witnessed by both J.D. Power and Derrick Y. Noh