As you take the plunge on a new car purchase, it helps to know which brands hold their value the best.

Two recent surveys named Honda and Toyota as the brands most likely to hold their values in first five years of ownership.

In its annual Residual Analysis report, Kelley Blue Book said Toyota would have the best residual value across its entire lineup over the next 60 months, meaning vehicles from the Japanese automaker will depreciate in cost less over the course of a lease, resulting in lower monthly payments.

Its score improved by three percentage points since last year's survey, and the report's authors praised the company's redesigned Avalon sedan and Tacoma pickup truck.

It was the third time in the past four years Toyota has claimed the top honor from KBB, despite issues with unintended acceleration and its popular Camry and Prius models recently receiving a "poor" grade in a new safety test performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

"Enduring some of its darkest days in the U.S. market after unintended acceleration issues caused a massive worldwide recall of Toyota models, the brand managed to retain residual value levels consistent with its historical averages," said KBB director of residual consulting Eric Ibara.

Honda was named Best Mainstream Brand for 2013 by ALG in its annual residual value awards. Its redesigned Accord sedan captured top honors in the closely watched midsize sedan category and the Odyssey took top minivan honors.

Since 2000, Honda has won ALG's best overall award seven times.

"The Honda brand is a constant in ALG's Residual Value Award history," said Larry Dominique, president of ALG. "Honda has proven that it provides a compelling, high residual value package for consumers."


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