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US prepares to sue Fiat Chrysler over diesel emissions testing

FCA is accused of not revealing software to defeat testing on Jeep Grand Cherokees and Ram trucks.

Volkswagen misses US deadline for diesel scandal agreement

VW asked to address problems caused by 580,000 vehicles with 'cheat' software

Volkswagen's deadline to come up with 'fix' for diesel emissions issues was set in late February.

DOJ lawsuit shows feds were aware of VW diesel tricks in 2014

First Warnings Came From Tests Of 2012 Jetta, 2013 Passat

A just-filed lawsuit by the DOJ against VW for its diesel scandal lays out the cheating timeline and the requested billions in Clean Air Act fines.

Safety advocates disgusted with Justice Department's deal with GM

One Attorney Describes Fine As 'Pennies In A Fountain'

Years after rescuing the company from bankruptcy, safety advocates feel the US federal government has once again bailed out General Motors.

Traffic stops at heart of Ferguson Police Department's racial bias

Justice Department: City Filled Coffers On Backs Of Black Motorists

The Ferguson Police Department used traffic enforcement as a means to systemically discriminate against minorities, a new report from the Department of Justice found.

Denso executives plead guilty to US price-fixing case

The three-year investigation by the US Department of Justice into price-fixing allegations by auto parts suppliers continues, with two more fish from the swamp of corruption the latest to be sentenced. Reuters reports that Denso executives Yuji Suzuki and Hiroshi Watanabe will do 16 months and 15 months in US jails, respectively, for their roles in setting prices for