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This episode of Bidders in Auctions Getting Porsches is brought to you by Jerry Seinfeld and Gooding & Co.

Those clever Hawkeyes don't need Xibit to pimp a ride, so here to represent Iowa pimps we have this 1988 Camaro IROC-Z, apparently inspired by a Sprite commercial. The great thing about any pimped piece of auto is that it sells itself -- all you need to do is see the car on the street and you know, as Paul Harvey said, the rest of the story. The "fresh 305, fresh tranny w/shift kit," TV, subs, lambo doors, is par for the track course. What really interests us about this car is the price: $9,900

After subjecting us for years to dull econo hatchbacks and even blander sedans, Volkswagen impressed the automotive world when it took the covers of its Iroc concept. The vehicle featured an aggressive front-end, a powerful brooding stance and fluid surfaces, but at the same time it was instantly recognizable as a VW. Now the production version of that car has been spotted undergoing some high speed testing at Germany's Nurburgring.

No matter how nice we ask, beg or cajole, our pleas for a skid pad have fallen on deaf ears. We're not asking much. All we want is a safe place to hoon it up to our hearts content.

Click the image above for a gallery of the VW IROC concept.

Click for more speculative renderings of the next Golf/Rabbit

Another Camaro entry was submitted to the Autoblog Flickr pool, and while certainly not as significant as the first two Camaros we featured this week, Flickr member Lex9000's 1986 Chevy Camaro IROC Z has an interesting story nonetheless. Lex had always wanted a third-gen Camaro in black and he finally found one in good condition back in January of 2001. He got to enjoy the car for one Utah summer until financial trouble forced him to sell it the following October. In October of 2005, Lex was cru

Volkswagen will reportedly be unveiling a concept called "IROC" at the Paris Motor Show, according to VWVortex.com. The name is an obvious tip-off that the concept will likely be the predecessor to the production Scirocco that Wolfsburg is planning. VWVortex reports that the look will be a cross between the Eco-Racer concept with a Concept-A roofline on a coupe body. The front-engine, front-wheel drive Scirocco will be built in VW's Portugal factory and has already been approved for sale in Euro