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While Hamilton is praised for sportsmanship on the last lap.

Vettel's lead in the 2017 championship stretches to 14 points.


After three years of surprisingly animated Hungarian Formula 1 Grands Prix, 2016 saw the Hungaroring return to old ways: almost all of the action happened in the pits.


Party Commemorates 15th Anniversary Of First Big Smart Shindig

More than 1,200 Smart ForTwo two-seat vehicles are paraded in Hungary capital.


The Mercedes-Benz factory in Kecskemét, Hungary, has been shut down because a bomb threat was called into the plant at about 1:30 PM CET (7:30 AM EDT) on Wednesday. The factory has been evacuated and production has been suspended.


Mercedes-Benz is continuing to see heavy demand for its compact models, like the CLA-Class, around the world, and Daimler has responded by adding a third shift at its Kecskemét, Hungary, factory starting in May. The plant, which builds the B-Class and CLA-Class, was already running two shifts and some Saturdays to keep up with their popularity, according to Bloomberg.


Luca Cordero di Montezemolo does not strike us as the kind of person we'd want to cross. We imagine the Chairman of Ferrari as sort of like an automotive Don Corleone, a thought that is further confirmed when we hear about the aftermath of last weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.


Monaco. Italy. Canada. Japan. There are a handful of grand prix host countries that Formula One could not do without, so central they are to the character of the sport. But Hungary?

In a city as densely populated as Paris, driving your own car around is about as good of an idea as speaking English to every French person you encounter. Fortunately, Paris and similar cities are setup with substantial public transit systems. But for those moments when you need a car or bike, Paris has you covered.

Choosing the right tires is an integral element of a good race strategy. Part of that went out the window a number of years ago when Formula One switched to a single tire manufacturer, but the teams are still left to choose between compounds. When it's dry, they go with slicks, alternating between levels of softness and stickiness. When it's wet, they've got a couple of rain tires to choose from. But when the conditions keep changing over the course of a race, it makes for some captivating actio

2009 Hungarian Grand Prix – Click above for high-res image gallery

Russia and Ukraine are presently in the midst of a natural gas pricing dispute. Russia wants Ukraine to pay closer to market price for the commodity. Ukraine says that Russia should pay more for the use of its pipelines, through which the bulk of the EU's Russia-sourced natural gas flows. Russia has escalated matters by cutting off its gas shipments via Ukrainian pipelines completely, and the EU is scrambling as it deals with shortages. Obviously, there's zero love lost between Russia and Ukrain

Hungary is not generally known as a hotbed of automotive development, although Audi does have a factory there that builds many of its engines. A new prototype vehicle from the former Soviet block state, though, provides a very interesting look at some possible future transportation.

Every day, it seems, we are bombarded by sackfuls of e-mail from our vast Hungarian readership asking when an electric car will be produced in their country. We are happy to report today that the answer to that question is "now." That's right. Brixxon Elektromos Autó Kft has announced to the world that sales of their first Hungarian-designed model, the Bontino, available in mini-pickup form or with a box for a boot, have begun. Unfortunately for our Hungarian friends, due to what their we

The claws were out at McLaren during this past weekend's Hungarian F1, with heated exchanges between drivers Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso, and team boss Ron Dennis. The latest outbursts come just a week after a preliminary decision in the F1 spy scandal and shows a usually close-knit McLaren team coming apart at the seams.

Rapeseed fields yield biodiesel boom for Eastern Europe.

Apparently the partnership between Suzuki and Nissan is one that both sides like. So much so that they are already discussing additional future collaborations. We have already reported about the Suzuki-built, Nissan-badged Moco minicar, the Nissan-built, Suzuki-badged Jimny from Thailand, and then the sharing of another minicar for Europe in exchange for Suzuki getting a Nissan minivan to fill capacity at its Indian factory.