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HondaJet updated to carry more, fly longer, and look better doing it

Pilots need to choose between more range or more passengers

Honda Aircraft expansion could lead to increased jet production

Honda has delivered at least 140 planes since its first model was cleared by the FAA

Nearly four years after delivering its first jet, Honda is facing decisions as the company better known for cars and lawnmowers considers whether to sink billions more into its decades-in-the-making aircraft division. Honda Aircraft CEO Michimasa Fujino said in an interview that a current plant expansion aimed at improving efficiency is part of the aviation division's long-term strategy and should also slightly increase production of the seven-seat, $5.2 million HondaJet Elites. "We are lookin

In Detail: EAA AirVenture

The Experimental Aircraft Association began sixty years ago as a flying club. "Because the planes we flew were modified or built from scratch, they were required to display an 'expirimental' placard where it could be seen on the door or cockpit," explains founder Paul Poberezny on the association's website. From that small group of individuals, the EAA has now grown to over 175,000 members and 1,000 branches i

Honda Aircraft Company Begins HondaJet Production

Honda began studying small business jets in the late 1980s to gauge the potential growth opportunity of expanding into a different industry. After spending years developing, testing, and sourcing suppliers, Honda subsidiary Honda Aircraft Company has finally begun to manufacture the much anticipated HondaJet.

Grounded: HondaJet delayed again due to component delays

Honda may still be dreaming the impossible dream, but it's not helping the company's new HondaJet get off the ground. According to Automotive News, the world won't be seeing the aircraft until 2012. Once upon a time, the J

Honda updates Impossible Dream ad with CR-Z, Asimo and hot tub

Honda Impossible Dream II – Click above to watch video after the jump