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Germany approves toll on cars registered in foreign countries

Exceptions will be made for green cars and short trips.

Indiana thinking about adding fees just for plug-in vehicles

Fees may boost Indiana road-repair revenue by $2 million a year.

Indiana would join 10 other states that impose fees specifically for plug-in vehicles to make up for lost revenue from less gasoline taxes.

Now some Ubers will only wait 2 minutes before charging you

Uber is telling some users to "Request When You're Ready" or face fees tacked onto their ride.

Ten states impose EV flat fees; Georgia is highest

Washington, Colorado, Virginia And Oregon Also On Growing List

Georgia charges the most for EVs out of the 10 states that have imposed extra fees for electrified vehicles.

GM says Washington State's proposed electric car fee has "no merit" [w/poll]

General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year on electric-vehicle drivers.

GM opposes Washington State's proposed electric vehicle fee that has "no merit"

General Motors has gone on record to oppose a Washington State bill that would impose a fee of $100 per year on electric-vehicle drivers.

It's not just California: Michigan wants to raise the gas tax, too

California isn't the only one taking aim at the pumps in an effort to raise state revenue. The Michigan state legislature is also proposing a hike in its gas tax that could potentially make its gas taxes the highest in the nation. The current nineteen cent per gallon tax on gas, and fifteen cent per gallon tax on diesel, would be replaced by a simple 18% tax on the wholesale prices o

California legislature passes budget with a $0.39 per gallon gas "user fee"

California hasn't been able to borrow money for months, and according to the state's treasurer, it will run out of money in February or March if it doesn't pass a budget and get some income flowing. The majority Democratic legislature has sent Governor Schwarzenegger a budget that contains a suite of "revenue enhancements" that the Democrats call fees, not taxes. In addition to a jump in the state sales tax and personal income tax, there's also a provision to apply a per gallon gas "fee" of 39 c

New York considering 5% luxury tax on expensive cars

New York Governor David Paterson needs to close a $15.4-billion budget deficit, and has proposed 88 new fees and taxes to do it. One of them is aimed at New York car buyers: a 5% tax on all cars sold for $60,000 or more. Notice the phrasing "sold for," not "MSRP of". That means if you add $8,001 in options to a $52,000 car, then you can add 5% to the final price. Intriguingly, th

BMW announces 335d and X5 xDrive35d pricing

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 BMW 335d

Chrysler Financial turns the screws on dealers

It's not getting any easier to be a Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep dealer. Last month, when Chrysler Financial asked banks and investors to renew their $30 billion line of credit, they came up about $6 billion short. To make matters worse, the investors forced the automaker to follow much tighter financial guidelines (including a requirement to Michael Harley