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The latest Fittipaldi EF7 teaser image shows serious aero pieces

The slow reveal of this supercar project continues.

The pride and joy of Emerson Fittipaldi will be unveiled March 7 in Geneva.

Emerson Fittipaldi is building a Pininfarina-designed supercar

It will also star in PlayStation's Gran Turismo series.

Icons team up.

American Eddie Cheever wins wet, wild GP Masters U.K. event

Nothing like rain, 650 hp and open-wheel racecars with no traction control to test a race driver, and that was exactly the combination delivered by Sunday's GP Masters of Great Britain event at Silverstone. In the end, Eddie Cheever prevailed, bringing home his first GP Masters victory, ahead of Belgium's Eric Van de Poele and Germany's Christian Danner. Austria's Has Stuck and Italy's Alex Caffi rounded out the top five.