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Enraged elephant wrecks vehicles in India

In late February, an elephant being used in a religious festival in India became enraged and rampaged through an area full of parked vehicles.

Heartbroken elephant smashes up cars on Chinese highway

An elephant defeated in a courtship ritual took out his frustrations on cars parked outside of his animal reserve.

Elephant with an itch to scratch uses cars for relief

An elephant at the Khao Yai National Park started rubbing its massive behind on several vehicles and did damage to some of them. Multiple bystanders at the park captured the pachyderm's automotive itching on video, but no one was reportedly injured.

Watch what happens when angry elephant charges a VW

Wild animals regularly pose a threat to drivers. Here in Michigan, we worry about deer. In Colorado, the animals are a bit bigger (your author once saw a dead mountain lion on the side of the road outside of Telluride). Sweden, meanwhile, has to deal with moose. South Africa, though, trumps just about everywhere else, because occasionally drivers will need to contend with elephants.

Video: Indian-market Ford Figo ads take on local flavor

Ford Figo TV commercial for the Indian market - Click above to watch videos after the jump

Google Street View confirms Elephantitis strikes deer population in Canada

Let's all collectively thank the glorious bit of technology that is Google Street View for letting the world know about the rare and mostly undocumented breakout of Elephantitis in Canada's deer population. Unlike the human form of the disease which is generally characterized by the swelling of a single body part, deer Elephantitis apparently morphs the hapless affected creatures into real-life elephants. If you're driving in the area, extra caution is advisable.