Heartbroken elephant smashes up cars on Chinese highway

Getting shot down by a potential lover is always a downer, even more so when that rejection happens around Valentine's day. On February 12, an elephant from China's Yunnan Province took his own rejection about as well as can be expected.

Wildlife officials from Yunnan Province told the Telegraph that Bamboo Shoot Teeth, a rare wild Asian elephant, had recently fought with another male over the affections of a female and had been soundly beaten. After his defeat, wildlife officials stated that Bamboo Shoot Teeth became moody and suffered a number of wild mood swings. All of this elephantine angst came to a head last Friday when the elephant, who lives on a wildlife reserve called Wild Elephant Valley, wandered away from his herd to work off some of his pent-up frustrations.

Once off the reserve, the elephant wandered on to a nearby national highway, where he proceeded to smash up a number of cars parked along the shoulder. Cellphone video of the event shot by tourists appeared on CCTV-13 over the weekend. It shows the elephant slowly wandering among the parked cars shoving them into traffic, crushing them beneath his weight, and battering them with his tusks. In all, nineteen cars suffered dented sheet metal, shattered windows, and various other damages. After roughly twenty minutes, Bamboo Shoot Teeth returned to the animal reserve, but apparently he hadn't worked out all his frustrations. On Sunday, Valentine's day, he returned to the highway to smash up four more cars.

None of the tourists who witnessed the event were harmed, and nature reserve staffers claim that the elephant's slow-moving rampage was more playful than angry. Government officials stated that onlookers will be reimbursed for any damages to their cars.

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