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Dodge sold 3 brand-new 2014 Avenger sedans so far this year

5 zombie nameplates that just refuse to die

Sometimes, even after a vehicle has been discontinued, automakers still have stock on hand to sell. And it can take years to get rid of them.

Dodge's final Viper and Demon join stage in a million-dollar auction

The entire proceeds go to charity

The entire proceeds go to charity.

Dodge Charger and Challenger will live on, but a new Viper is unlikely

The pair won't ride on an Alfa Romeo platform

The two cars will not ride on an Alfa Romeo platform.

Marchionne nixes talk of a reborn Dodge Viper

Fortunately, cool stuff from Alfa Romeo and Maserati is in the works

Fiat Chrysler chief Sergio Marchionne shot down the idea of a reborn Dodge Viper, saying "it's not in the plan." But he'd love to see it happen anyway.

Dodge Viper and Jaguar XK revival | Autoblog Podcast #543

Also, driving in Europe, Tesla talk and the spending of money

On this week's Autoblog Podcast, Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore is joined by Green Editor John Beltz Snyder and Consumer Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski. We talk about the possible rebirth of the Dodge Viper and Jaguar XK, as well as the recent goings-on at Tesla. Then we share some of our experiences driving in Europe. We also discuss the cars we've been driving, and help spend another listener's hard-earned dough in this week's "Spend My Money" segment.

Dodge to resurrect the Viper a second time (UPDATED)

First came the mourning for the Dodge Viper, which ended production last year. Then came the Viper's continued sales run as a "Zombie Car;" we just wrote about how the Viper has racked up 11 sales so far this year, two of them in April. Now Car and Driver reports that the two-seater snake will return shorty for its second encore after being discontinued in 2009. The mag isn't equivocal about it, either, writing, "trust us: A new Viper is happening." It won't, however, be the same Viper that brou

Zombie Cars: Discontinued models that still rack up sales

Someone actually bought a brand-new 2014 Dodge Avenger last month

These automobiles may have been discontinued years ago, but that hasn't stopped automakers from recording a few sales of these unloved zombie cars.

Final Dodge Demon and Dodge Viper to be auctioned off for charity

There's 1,485 horsepower on offer. Plus some kit.

A little while ago we wrote about the Dodge Viper factory being recommissioned into a museum that will hold the historic cars originally evicted from the Walter P. Chrysler museum. Now, what happened to the last Viper that factory built? It's getting auctioned off, in good company.

Former Dodge Viper factory will house FCA's historic car collection

Walter P. Chrysler Museum cars get a new home under one roof

After the Walter P. Chrysler Museum's clearout, it was obvious that the company's 400-vehicle collection would not be lost, but it took until now for FCA to announce new premises for the cars. The place for them will be created from the former home of the Dodge Viper, the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant close to the 8 Mile Road in Detroit.

Viper ACR privateers' Nurburgring runs detailed in new documentary

That 7-minute mark was so hard to beat.

A full documentary video has now been released.

10 worst-selling cars of 2017

Some may surprise you ... others probably won't

We countdown the 10 worst-selling cars of 2017, including only 2017 and 2018 model-year cars for sale during the entire calendar year.

Dodge Viper ACR still can't quite capture Nurburgring record

Hot track temps cooked the tires

The team can't quite dip below 7 minutes.

Here's the last Dodge Viper

FCA Head of Design Ralph Gilles bids the Viper farewell on Instagram.

The company will keep the final car for its heritage collection.

Roadkill Nights writhes with 200 Dodge Vipers

A nest of Vipers is the term of venery for a gathering of wicked asps.

Viper owners raising money to retake the Nurburgring lap record

The Porsche 918 currently holds the production-car crown.

Shipping two cars, two drivers, and renting the track isn't cheap.

Want a new 2017 Viper? You'd better call Gerry Wood Dodge

The dealer is even making unofficial special editions.

Good news: there won't be any special markup on the cars.

Watch Atieva's electric van outrun a BMW i8 and Dodge Viper

Atieva does it again.

Atieva's Edna EV prototype van takes on unlikely contenders in a drag race once again.

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