Chrysler ready to put the bite on Viper

The trend away from gas guzzlers, as well as the need for cash, is causing GM to search for a new home for its Hummer brand and now in a stroke of mad genius, Chrysler has realized it could probably get some cash for its long time sports car superstar, the Dodge Viper. Chrysler has been getting its zoom on with the eye-catching model since back in '92 and although they have managed to keep it fresh enough for the potential buyers in that market, the question about what to do after you've reached 600 hp eventually arises. Of course, most sports car enthusiasts would answer that with the quick retort of "give it 700 hp" but seriously, unless you're using as a track car, more hp is pointless, no? A better response might be to make it easier to drive (like GM has done with the ZR1 Corvette) but that kind of work takes a certain kind of dedication and specialization that might be better suited to a smaller, more performance focused firm. Since the car is now put together at a largely independent plant in Detroit, perhaps Chrysler can find someone willing and able to buy the whole kit and Viper cache kaboodle for a boatload of bills and add some sweetness to the sorrow of parting. Let's just hope the break-up is over quickly because Chrysler needs to concentrate their efforts on cars people can afford to drive if they are to survive.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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