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Ford will buy first two bipedal robots for commercial vehicle research

Named 'Digit,' the robot aims to fill a role in online retailing and delivery

Mercedes-Benz unveils zero-emissions electric vans, fuel-cell concept

The eVito urban delivery van will go on sale this fall

Its eVito urban delivery van will go on sale this fall.

Workhorse-built fuel-cell van now delivering for FedEx

It features a modular fuel-cell hydrogen engine made by Plug Power

Workhorse Group, the electric vehicle startup working on everything from a plug-in hybrid pickup truck to a prototype replacement delivery truck for the U.S. Postal Service, has teamed with a New York-based company to deliver its first zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell delivery van to FedEx.

A German mail delivery company now wants to sell electric vehicles

DHL won't really be competing with automakers, but sort of.

What started as a project could upset the delivery industry.

UPS puts 100 electric trucks into service in central California

UPS said in 2011 that it was acquiring 100 battery-electric delivery trucks for its California operations and has now put the proverbial rubber to the road.

Emerald Automotive, like Bright, has big ideas for PHEV delivery van

A plug-in hybrid delivery van sure seems like a good idea for commercial fleet customers looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better manage volatile gasoline prices, right? Some companies, FedEx and Frito-Lay, are already buying green vehicles, and there are many other companies making a lot of short hauls in crowded urban areas where people would notice a reduction in diesel fumes. So why is this nut so difficult to crack?

Emerald Automotive t-001 is UK's new extended-range plug-in delivery van

The idea of an American-made extended-range plug-in utility van may have faded – for now, with the failure of Bright Automotive – but there remain some companies kicking around that exact idea across the pond.

Volkswagen eT! electric delivery van is out of this world

The writer F. Scott Fitzgerald once opined that using an exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke. With that in mind, let's take a look at the latest work van concept from Volkswagen. The German Automaker has partnered with the German Post Office and the University of Art at Braunschweig to create the eT! electric delivery van. The company says that vehicle offers zero-emissions driving and can be operated by a joystick-type device on

Emerald Automotive (who?) wants to build hybrid delivery van in Missouri [w/video]

Emerald Automotive delivery van – Click above to watch video after the jump