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Kidnap victim escapes: One more reason for knowing how to drive stick

Here's another reason you should teach your daughter to drive stick.

Harley-Davidson calling in nearly 30,000 new hogs for clutch repair

If you bought a new Harley-Davidson recently (specifically a Touring or Softail model), you may want to stop riding it for the time being, because the company has put out a recall notice on certain models.

Next BMW M5 to drop manual transmission option

There is something very right about a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan with over 500 horsepower and a manual transmission, and yet few vehicles check those boxes quite like the BMW M5. Unfortunately, most M5 buyers prefer to leave their left foot out of the gear-shifting equation, which is leading BMW to lose the manual tranny option altogether in favor of a dual-clutch-only approach.

HUMMER HX not in the new G.I. Joe movie

Click above for first high-res official pics from the G.I. Joe movie

Ikona files provisional patents for frictionless CVT clutch and differential

Canadian gearing technology company Ikona Gear International announced that they have filed for two provisional patents that will help automakers produce more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles - a frictionless CVT clutch and frictionless CVT differential.