There is something very right about a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan with over 500 horsepower and a manual transmission, and yet few vehicles check those boxes quite like the BMW M5. Unfortunately, most M5 buyers prefer to leave their left foot out of the gear-shifting equation, which is leading BMW to lose the manual tranny option altogether in favor of a dual-clutch-only approach.

Inside Line reports that the next M5, and the M6 for that matter, will not feature a manual transmission option. BMW M-brand Engineering chief Albert Biermann reportedly told IL that manual-equipped M5 models are topping out at 15 percent of total sales, making the MT a money-loser for the brand. Biermann claims that the volume of manual transmission buyers makes it all but impossible to make another three-pedal M5, adding "nobody wants it in Europe or anywhere else, so this will be the last time we do it."

This is most definitely not good news for stick shift-loving enthusiasts, but at the same time we can hardly argue against Biermann's point. There's no sense in offering a no-charge manual option if the vast majority of buyers don't want it. Fortunately, the M3 doesn't suffer from the same problem, so the M5's baby brother will continue to offer a row-your-own option.

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