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B2109 code definition The B2109 trouble code detects a problem with the heated windshield relay.

B2108 code definition The B2108 trouble code detects a trunk key cylinder switch failure.

B2106 code definition The B2106 trouble code notes an error with the throttle position input range.

B2105 code definition The B2105 trouble code detects a throttle position input range error.

B2104 code definition The B2104 trouble code signals a passenger door key cylinder switch failure.

B2102 code definition The B2102 trouble code detects a problem with the vehicle’s antenna circuit.

B2100 code definition The B2100 trouble code detects a failure from the door driver key cylinder switch.

B1999 code definition The B1999 trouble code detects a side mount air bag inflation circuit error on the passenger side.

B1998 code definition The B1998 trouble code notes a side mount air bag circuit error on the passenger side.

B1997 code definition The B1997 trouble code detects an air bag circuit malfunction from the side mount air bag on the passenger side.

B1996 code definition The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) stores a B1996 trouble code when a problem is detected with the passenger side side-mount air bag circuit.

B1995 code definition A B1995 trouble code signifies to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that there is a problem with the squib in the driver's side side-mount air bag.

Cars are intricate machines with thousands of individual parts.

Vacuum hoses run throughout an engine’s compartment, and they are used for many applications in the engine and inside of the vehicle.

P0337 code definition This trouble code means that the vehicle’s crankshaft is suffering because of low voltage.

Every driver has experienced having a warning light illuminate on the instrument panel and wondered what it meant.

In an effort to help drivers, auto manufacturers use a service required light on the dashboard of cars.

Since the early 80’s, the check engine light can be found on pretty much every car made.

P2613 code definition This is the generic trouble code for A/C Refrigerant Distribution Valve Control Circuit High, indicating a problem with the signal being sent to the PCM from the distribution valve circuit.

P2517 code definition The P2517 code indicates that the A/C refrigerant press sensor B circuit has low voltage.