Man locked out of car (Getty Images).
Nothing spoils a good day like getting locked out of your car. It's an annoyance that costs 3.3 million Americans time and money every year. According Market Watch, AAA reports that keys locked in the car is the third most called-on problem, surpassed by 5 million dead car batteries and 3.8 million flat tires.

You'd think technology would have solved this problem, but it has actually made things worse. Experts told Market Watch that key fobs can make it easier for drivers to lock themselves out of their cars and push-start keyless systems allow drivers to sometimes drive away without their keys, leaving them stranded once they stop again.

Services like GM's OnStar and Ford's Remote Access app will eventually make lockouts less and less frequent, but if you own one of the millions of older cars on the road it may be best to keep a wire hanger handy.

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