UAW's King upset with Chrysler plan to buy non-union transporters

Chrysler has had its fair share of troubles with transport companies of late, but a reported plan to switch to non-union delivery could make for even more labor headaches down the road. Bloomberg reports that United Auto Workers boss Bob King will stand behind the Teamsters in the event Chrysler attempts to eliminate one of the country's longest-standing unions from its car delivery business. King spoke to the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at their Las Vegas convention last month, telling the crowd that Chrysler was planning to buy $5 million worth of transport trucks to give to a non-union company. King then went on to assure the Teamsters that the UAW was behind them, adding "We're going to fight together to make that 100 percent union, 100 percent Teamster."

While automakers rarely (if ever) look for union troubles, this potential rift could have especially bad timing. Chrysler and other domestic automakers enter talks with the UAW on a new labor contract later this month. The new contracts will be the first since General Motors and Chrysler exited bankruptcy and the UAW is expected to try to win back some concessions made over the past few years.

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