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Study shows driver-assist tech drastically increases cost of repairs

It's the trade-off for assistance in avoiding collisions

It's the trade-off for assistance in avoiding collisions.

Comma.ai makes your car semi-autonomous for $999

As long as you have a properly equipped Honda or Acura, that is.

All you need is a car with lane-keeping assist and a spare $999.

BMW Remote View 3D might be cool or might be a gimmick

This camera shows potential, but we won't have the full details until this fall.

Should You Buy a Dash Cam?

If you’re someone who loves to watch viral videos on social media, you’re going to be familiar with dash cam videos.

How to Buy a Good Quality Backseat Baby Monitor

Parents know just how hard it is to keep their little ones safe and secure.

How to Buy a Good Quality Back Up Camera System

Back up cameras have become standard equipment on many vehicles today, but if you’re driving a model that didn’t ship with one from the automaker, you can have an aftermarket system installed.

Can I Use the Rearview Mirror to Drive in Reverse?

It’s tempting to throw your car in reverse and back up using the rearview mirror to see where you’re going.

Automakers To Fight Distracted Driving With New Technology

GM is the latest to plan for cameras to watch drivers actions

General Motors is taking the fight against distracted driving from billboards and public-service announcements into its cars, deploying new technology that keeps an eye on where the driver's are glancing.

Why one Long Island county dismissed $2.4 million in speed-camera fines [w/video]

40,000 Tickets Affected By Nassau County Glitches

The goal of speed cameras should be to improve safety and change driver behavior, not to make motorists feel like they're being ripped off.