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"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground

"Our customers have lost a lot of vehicles": Big chains moved their inventory to higher ground.


Last December, J.D. Power's Sales Satisfaction Index Study ranked Chrysler's Jeep, Ram and Dodge brands at the bottom of the list. The Chrysler brand itself fared somewhat better with a ranking of nine out of 19 brands.


eBay Motors and AutoNation are quickly establishing a reputation for finding new ways to sell cars online. They teamed up for the first time back in March when they tried selling vehicles for half price on the popular auction site. This weekend they're back with another unique promotion that will see the price for certain vehicles drop every hour until they're sold.

AutoNation, which operates over 300 dealerships in the U.S., has begun offering a new incentive program that covers up to six months of car payments on a new or used vehicle if the buyer loses his or her job. The "Payment Protection" program, which is similar to the Hyundai Assurance program that the Korean automaker began offering earlier this year, tackles one of the major issues causing the recent slump in sales: consumer confidence. The program is currently available at 33 South Florida deal

Mike Jackson is the Chairman and CEO of Auto Nation, the largest dealership group in the United States. Auto Nation showrooms around the country sell just about every brand of car offered here and Jackson is actually glad to see gas above $4 a gallon. While this may seem odd since sales have been in free fall lately, especially the once mighty and profitable full-size truck and SUV segment, it actually makes a lot of sense if you look out past the next quarterly report. For far too long, America

Every automaker has its web presence set up where you can sort of shop for a car. It gets a little difficult when you actually go to get a price quote – you'll get directed to a selection of local dealers, some more willing to deal than others – it's enough to make you wish for a "Buy It Now" button. AutoNation's testing pretty much that very idea at an Atlanta location. The experience doesn't differ much from what's already available at automotive sales websites. You can browse inve

In order to help customers to know if a vehicle is efficient, or a least less bad for the environment, AutoWest and Power Auto Group (members of AutoNation) are introducing a new system in order to label cars called the E-Vehicles program. This system will mark cars with a green, leaf-shaped E-Vehicle logo (the additional sticker) if that produce at least 28 miles-per-gallon or delivers 10 percent better fuel efficiency than the average for their vehicle class.

If you're one of the many people who desire a plug-in hybrid, but are frustrated that the only way to get one is to go the aftermarket modification route, check out this strategy by the national auto dealership AutoNation. Mike mentioned AutoNation last week, but I feel this "soft order" tactic deserves another look.

One would not expect someone with a vested interest in selling cars to suggest a proposal that would cause people to drive less, but that's exactly what Mike Jackson is doing - again. This time around, the Autonation CEO wants to see an additional dollar tacked onto the price of each gallon of gasoline, as a means to shift consumer behavior and force a move towards vehicles with better fuel economy.

Online sales are now a big and fast-growing part of U.S. retail sales, for everything from books to auto parts. True, the total amount of retail sales booked online is a small fraction of the total volume of consumer goods, but it is the fastest growing of all sales channels, tantalizing manufacturers with its efficiency and low cost (not to mention the potential boost to the bottom line).