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Amazon now has Echo Auto, an Alexa assistant for your car

Device sits on your dash and connects to your phone via Bluetooth

The device sits on your dash and connects to your phone via Bluetooth.

2017 will be the year the connected car becomes a reality

The future is now.

Your phone, home, and car will all be connected in the Internet of Things.

Ford expands Sync capabilities with Amazon Alexa and IBM's Watson

Because shopping on Amazon wasn't easy enough already.

This is the same open-source system being adopted by Toyota and other automakers.

Wake up with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May

It's the best (or worst) alarm in the world.

Simply set your Amazon Echo or Echo Dot to The Grand Tour setting.

You'll soon be able to control your BMW with Amazon Echo

And access the vehicle's status, as well.

BMW continues to expand its BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services.

Watch an Amazon Echo-hacked Tesla drive out of the garage

Think K.I.T.T., but not exactly.

A voice-controlled Tesla Model S negotiates the closed garage door by itself thanks to an Amazon Echo hack.

Hacker jury rigs Amazon Echo into voice-controlled remote start

A hacker has managed to link up his Amazon Echo so that all he has to do is mutter a few words and his GMC will start up. Welcome to the future, kids.

The next-generation wearable will be your car

Future Cars Will Transcend The Device On Your Wrist

Right now, automakers are just beginning to grasp the potential of wearables to facilitate driver-vehicle interaction. The next step? Evolve beyond the wearable entirely.