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Trump administration issues ruling to freeze fuel efficiency penalties

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers praises the move

The Trump administration said late on Friday it was issuing final rules to suspend a 2016 Obama administration regulation that more than doubled penalties for automakers failing to meet fuel efficiency requirements. Congress in 2015 ordered federal agencies to adjust a wide range of civil penalties to account for inflation and, in response, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) under President Barack Obama issued rules to eventually raise fines to $14 from $5.50 for every 0

Automakers lobby to harmonize US-EU safety regulations

The 28-member European Union and the United States are currently negotiating a free trade agreement that, if successfully concluded, would rewrite the rules of international exchange for 46 percent of global trade. The magnitude of the potential deal means just about everyone is trying to influence parts of the deal, from the Sierra Club and almost 200 other organizations fighting the Jonathon Ramsey

NHTSA looking for power to fast-track 'noncontroversial' auto laws

When it comes to any new regulation that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration deems "not controversial and therefore unlikely to receive adverse comment," it would like the power to implement the regulation without the standard period of public comment. It seeks the change in order to be able to clear and finalize "routine" rules in a matter of days. If NHTSA is granted the power it seeks, people could still comment on such regulatio

Positive reactions to new CAFE rules abound

First reactions to the new CAFE standards announced yesterday are positive, with both the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Sebastian Blanco

Auto Alliance, Pew Campaign have different responses to Vermont GHG decision

Some are happy, some are sad with the decision yesterday by Judge Sessions in Vermont on the possibility of state fuel economy rules that would, in effect, supplant federal legislation.

Welcome the new, kinder, gentler Auto Alliance - and their ads

How could we possibly forget the last round of print and radio advertising that the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers let out of the bag? Sure, you remember those, don't you? They basically said that if the Senate were to pass new CAFE standards, you would not be able to afford a pickup truck anymore, or purchase a safe minivan to haul

Auto Alliance declares this to be "National Alternative Fuel Autos Week"

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is a trade association made up of BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Mazda, Mitsubishi Motors, Porsche, Toyota and Volkswagen. If you take all the alternative fuel autos made by these companies (those autos defined by the Alliance as "hybrid electric, ethanol-capable E-85, and clean diesel"), you'll reach a total of more than 10.5 million

Sales and sales targets of alternative-fuel vehicles on the rise

The fact that the sales of hybrids, diesels and other alternative-fuel vehicles are increasing shouldn't be news to readers of AutoblogGreen. However, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have offered some real numbers in a recent press release. According to figures reported by R.L. Polk & Co., there are now 9 million alternative-fuel automobiles in the U.S. The Alliances states that auto manufacturers are well on their way of reaching their goa