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Do You Need an Extended Warranty?

When purchasing a vehicle, dealerships usually offer an extended warranty.

How To Prevent Vehicle Theft

You may be more prone to them in certain places, but no one is ever safe from car thieves

A vehicle is stolen every 33 seconds in the United States. And many of those thefts could be prevented. That's a pretty sobering thought, especially given that only about 57% of those vehicles end up being recovered. Drivers need to be ever vigilant in protecting their car from thieves.

What is that clicking sound?

Conditions that produce clicking sounds while driving

Dear Tom, My 2003 Chevy Cavalier makes a clicking sound in the front when I make a right turn. It doesn't do it when I turn left. Should I be concerned? What could cause this noise? Larry from DetroitLarry, My first thought ... your car probably has a bad front CV joint. Get the vehicle into a shop and have them check the CV joint on the side of the car where the clicking occurs. Tom After I