Lucid Motors is taking deposits for the 1,000-hp Air EV

The startup will show off a model in SoCal this weekend.

San Francisco Bay Area-based Lucid Motors is now taking pre-orders for its 1,000-horsepower Lucid Air four-door luxury electric vehicle. Deposits are being accepted for $2,500 for standard editions and $25,500 for one of 255 "launch edition" vehicles (we're not sure what the fixation is with the number 255, but we imagine there's a good reason for it). How much will the car cost? We're betting north of $100,000, but the company isn't saying by how much. For that reason, it's a good thing the deposits are refundable. For reference, the Tesla Model 3 requires a $1,000 pre-order deposit.

As for specs, the car is said to have a single-charge range of about 400 miles, while its two electric motors can deliver 1,000 horsepower. Those horses can propel the sleek beast from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds. The car will be produced in Arizona – Lucid has said it will hire about 2,000 people there – and is slated to hit the streets in late 2018.

To help entice buyers, the company will be showing a concept version of the car to consumers. Lucid is bringing one to Southern California – Orange County, specifically – this upcoming Saturday, the company says on its Facebook page.

Lucid is headed by Chief Technology Officer Peter Rawlinson, who had his handprints all over the development of the Tesla Model S and, prior to that, worked with automakers such as Lotus and Jaguar.

Lucid Motors said in December that it was partnering with South Korea-based giant Samsung for the production of the car's lithium-ion batteries. With Samsung on board, Lucid is hoping to produce about 10,000 vehicles per year right out of the gate.

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