Crossovers continue to supplant both the sedan and body-on-frame (i.e., truck-based) SUV in the consideration of car and truck buyers. And while ‘crossover’ may have begun as a muddled descriptive, the segment has evolved into a 2-box, unibody platform with a relatively spacious architecture sitting atop a car-like structure. In the beginning their larger bodies were often based on architectures borrowed from their sedan counterparts; today the crossover often evolves from its own specific chassis and – in many instances – drivetrain. And with the growing popularity of crossovers comes an ever-widening selection of sizes and styles. The subcompact crossover (Jeep Renegade, Mazda CX-3) is relatively new, while demand for midsize and large, 3-row crossovers is exploding; as are crossover window stickers. Expect to pay more – relative to a sedan or coupe – both at the dealership and (at least incrementally) at the pump.