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5.0 out of 5

PianoStylist entertainer and music teacher

2017-07-20 10:37:37

I had an opportunity to experience the Overseas Delivery Program and flew to Sweden for a 2013 S60 T5 AWD. Spent nearly two weeks exploring this beautiful country, but the Volvo experience was the highlight. Unfortunately, my Flamenco Red sedan with beech-wood interior arrived at the pier in New Jersey and was unloaded (along with over 600 cars) the night before Hurricane Sandy flooded NYC! I eventually got a 2014 model in Power Blue and now lease a 2016 and can't wait for the new model to arrive here next year. The smoothness, quietness, sportiness, AND the up-level image it presents to all the mass market buyers is unmatched in the industry for value. According to Auto Pacific, it's the winner of the 2017 Aspirational Luxury car award....and it deserves to win. It's a diamond in the rough....get one!

2018 Volvo S60


2015-03-25 20:21:13

best car ever

2015.5 Volvo S60

Amazing comfort and quality for great price

2011-09-20 17:05:11

T5__4dr_Front_wheel_Drive_Sedan~*************************~Washington~Wshington, DC~Suburbs~Average~Daily Commuting~Fun or Weekend Car~~VW CC, Audi 4,~I just love the direction Volvo is taking. For years the cars were little bit more expensive than competition and the designs were not general enough. The S60 design turns heads. I can always spot it on the highway. Volvo has really stepped out their comfort zone with s60. I love how fresh and futuristic S60 looks ************ feels safe, comfortable and durable. The most amazing thing is how smooth the ride is. I can barely hear the engine. Every little interior details makes sense, there are no random buttons that complicate the interaction. It was always my dream to have a Volvo and I am so happy it's S60. And I'm 26. Good job Volvo!~false

2012 Volvo S60

A really good car at an affordable price. Does everything well.

2011-05-17 09:20:58

My 2012 S60 T5 exceeded my expectations. Acceleration from the 5 cylinder engine was better and smoother than expected. Handling, braking, fuel economy and noise level are all above average. Fit and finish both exterior and interior are exceptional. The ride is firm yet comfortable. The rear seating area and the trunk are somewhat limited, but about what one might expect in a mid-size sport sedan. All in all, a terrific car for the money.

2012 Volvo S60

This ain't your mother's Volvo!

2011-03-21 22:47:16

Great styling, very comfortable, nice performance, and Volvo's excellent safety. This is a long way from my mom's "box" of a Volvo. Traded in my S80 for this one hot car - and glad that I did.

2012 Volvo S60

Review of 2001 Volvo S60

2010-06-12 08:21:13

2001 Volvo S60

2006 S60 AWD

2009-12-28 20:52:05

We bought this 2006 used because we wanted a more reliable car than the Jaguar X-Type. Since we were use to the AWD on the X-Type when we found this Silver S60 with 2.5 engine turbo and All Wheel Drive we jumped on it. The car had 29,000 miles and was in perfect condition. After 10,000 miles the car is a wonderful driver. Solid, handles real well, almost sporty, and the seats, sterring, engine, brakes all work so well, it is an excellent balanced vehicle. A family looking for a practical safe driver and can live with 20-24 MPG then the Volvo S60 is a great car.

2006 Volvo S60

The Turbo

2009-12-03 22:37:32

I love my volvo S60. I stole mine from a dealer who didnt really understand what he had, and I would have no other sedan. I have a 2.5 liter turbo, and combined performance and comfortability, it simply cannot be touched.

2004 Volvo S60

Big Suprise

2009-09-24 17:12:58

In forty years of driving a lot of cars I never expected that a Volvo could be so much fun. The car is a blast to drive and it is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. You point it and it nicely goes where aimed. I've driven my M-Roaster for ten years now and I am amazed how the corning is so close. Naturally, it doesn't accelerate like the Roadster, but on a long trip it is easly my choice. They did a nice job with the interior and styling. The controls are handy and easy to use. The stereo is great and I can figure out how to eject the CD. The power with the Turbo is more than adequate and the gas milage has been a nice suprise. Twenty to twenty one in town and that's with the A/C on. The back seat is extremely comfortable for two. To date I've not been able to find one problem and it has performed as stated. They are not inexpensive, however I think I would have to pay about $6000-8000.00 to get this package in other brands. I looked a long time and drove a lot of models before I settled on the S-60. I'm glad I did. No, I'm not a Volvo salesman. I'm just an old retired guy who finally made his wife happy with a car she really likes.

2009 Volvo S60

Great Car

2008-07-04 08:49:28

I am not certain what everyone else gets, but I get an average of 24mpg around town and have gotten as much as 40mpg on the highway. Safe car that drives like a drream. My wife has a 2004 Mercedes 350 Four Motion model we take my car on road trips because it is a much nicer ride, smooth and comfortable.

2005 Volvo S60

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