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3.0 out of 5

Best Car ever

2016-12-12 23:29:47

Luxury and offroad, the only car that can compare to this is the Lexus LX 570, Mercedes GL/GLS and the G wagon

2017 Land Rover Range Rover

Mr Peter C Key

2016-04-04 00:49:05

looks very nice

2016 Land Rover Range Rover


2015-12-28 17:12:24

During August 2015, my 2008 Range Rover Supercharged was suddenly going into 'limp mode' (wouldn't get out of 3rd gear) periodically when I would travel at higher speeds. The easy solution was to turn the car off and turn it back on and the problem would go away . . . for a while. I took my Range Rover to be serviced at Rosenthal Land Rover Tysons Corner, where I bought the vehicle new. Their diagnosis was that the rear differential motor needed to be replaced. Rosenthal also included other related and unrelated suggested repairs (new tires, new brakes, alignment, 90K mile service) for a total of $6,000! Given that my vehicle was no longer on warranty and sticker shock of $6K for a car with less than 45,000 miles, I would seek a second opinion that the rear differential motor was the problem. The rear differential showed no leaking, oil was full and the sound of the rear differential motor seemed fine.Rosenthal returned my car to me but in the meantime fixed a Land Rover recall issue - which I never authorized - and charged me $148.66.We raised our concerns to the corporate office at Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC, given my vehicle had less than 45K miles, that I've been a loyal Range Rover owner for over 10 years and had never experienced any mechanical problems before. Land Rover is in the business of making money, so that didn't get me anywhere except added frustration.I then took my vehicle to a well respected Land Rover specialist, who works solely on Land Rovers. They looked at the rear differential motor and agreed it was in tact. Instead they discovered that the Rear Differential Control Module (RDCM) was fried and needed to be replaced.By replacing the RDCM, this exposed the root cause problem: my vehicle was emitting diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) of P0729, P0730, P0734 and P0735.These DTCs were documented in Land Rover Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) #LTB00514 from Jan 17, 2013 as an indication that internal lead free stator bush wear causing loss of pressure on E clutch.The net? Either repairing the unit or replacing the ZF 6HP Automatic Transmission. I chose the latter and the vehicle now runs fine.The folks at the repair shop were awesome: unlike many other service centers they were transparent, they kept me updated throughout the process and treated the car as if it were their own. They used Eriksson Industries that specialize and are authorized in building ZF transmissions which kept my costs at minimum and came with a two-year warranty that is transferrable which is important since I plan to sell my Range Rover and purchase a new vehicle.If you have a Land Rover that is not on warranty and potentially needs service, I would strongly not taking your car to a Land Rover Dealer, and finding a reputable shop like we did!

2008 Land Rover Range Rover


2015-02-16 12:42:24

Muy buen espacio para la familia

2015 Land Rover Range Rover

Review of 2011 Land Rover Range Rover

2011-06-20 13:26:42

We have now had our new Range Rover Sport for over 6 weeks. This past weekend I took my first road trip of 4 1/2 hours. I am looking to trade. Never have I been so disappointed in a vehicle as far as comfort. I am so glad I kept my Denali for trips. Ready to trade.

2011 Land Rover Range Rover

Review of 2010 Land Rover Range Rover

2009-09-27 14:52:27

total dissatisfaction - it is my first range rover and i expected some luxury , i ordred the top line with all options , supercharged SE , power is imprassive but gear shifting is not , when power is needed there is a delay before shifting to lower gear - the sound system is not accepted at all , a chevy optra can give you a better quality - i am not driving it and gave it to my wife , i am sticking to my cadillac STS 4W 8V 2006 ( the best car ever )and almost 1/2 the price

2010 Land Rover Range Rover

Review of 2009 Land Rover Range Rover

2009-04-26 12:17:31

I just got it in February! I Love it! The only negative I could say about it is that I wish I got a super charged because on uphill driving, it lacks torque. You really have to floor it to get anywhere..But, If you are not going uphill, It's perfect (I have been a Lexus driver, BMW, MBZ and we have a Porsche Carrera). The COMFORT of this car in my opinion can not be found elsewhere. So Far, I have not had any problems with it. It came with a full Maintenance package, which is great because no out of pocket costs. I would rate this car a 9 out of 10. If they could just up the Horsepower a bit, it would get a 10.

2009 Land Rover Range Rover

It's like being married to a "high maintenance" woman.

2009-02-06 02:28:35

I bought this 2000 Range Rover for my mother for Christmas. It is a very classy, smooth, and safe vehicle. The engine is smooth and powerful enough (4.6 HSE) for city and highway driving for her. I'm sure from lots of confirmations that it is one of the best 4 wheel drive/off road vehicles on the market, but my mother doesn't really get into that (except for shopping mall curbs). The only thing I have a complain about is that the amount of times I have brought it to the dealer for warranty work. There hasn't been anything mechanical, but lots and lots of electrical/sensor problems. Here are the following: Mass Air Flow sensor (service engine soon light), Air Bag light (new driver's seat airbag replaced), air conditioning sensor replaced (climate control, "open book" icon on a/c display), Right Rear Reverse Light bulb malfunction message on instrumental display (BECU "computer board"), and I think that's about it....oh, "LOW SCREEN WASHER" message keeps popping up and the container is full, ******** not anything I'm gonna run to the dealer and have fixed right away. I am the one that takes it to the dealer every month to have these things repaired, but I must have to say that the dealer that I take it too (Land Rover American Fork, Utah) is by far the best dealer to take it to for warranty work. As much as I hate going there, my service advisor, Kent, makes bringing my Land Rover a pleasant and painless experience. If you do take your Rover in for warranty work/repairs, you might want to take it to a "CERTIFIED" Rover dealer. I don't know if that's it or these guys are just good, but they make me like my Range Rover again after I get mad at the damn thing!!!! This is why I relate this vehicle to a "high maintenance" mate, I love the looks, the heart, but damn do I have to spend a lot of "off time" in my business to keep it in top shape.....IT'S WORTH IT!!! Overall, GET ONE!!

2000 Land Rover Range Rover

Love My RR

2007-10-11 09:09:33

I've always driven a Mercedes and have been satisfied but now Im truelly happy with my new 07 fully loaded HSE. It is so fun to drive and use. I love the Sat. radio, blue tooth, climate control that works so much better than my mbz. As does the Nav! Its just a better car all around.

2008 Land Rover Range Rover

piece of junk

2007-07-28 03:32:02

integrity is greatly sacrificed in most land rovers. things such as trim, paint, doors, body molding are all compromised in this vehicle.

truly, one of the most saddening things for such an otherwise good automobile.

most dissapointing of all, however, is the fact that this vehicle loses a lot of value in such a short period of time.

if you insist on buying one, get it at the best price, possible(dirt cheap).

that way, you won't have the "out of pocket" blues.

2007 Land Rover Range Rover

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