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My 2009 Ford Flex

2016-05-15 12:16:19

I just bought my ford flex. I have always wanted one. I really love my car, it is everything and more than I expected !!!!!It drives great the comfort is like no other car I have ever had.. In about 4 years I am going to buy a brand new one...

2009 Ford Flex

Review of 2011 Ford Flex

2014-06-22 16:26:47

2011 Ford Flex


2012-08-17 18:54:33

I have only had my Flex for three weeks however, I must say the whole family likes it a lot including the 4 dogs. I had a smaller really great cuv but, needed something bigger. It is our weekend traveler and there are 8 of us 4 being our dogs. The other way was a safety hazard we were squashed in it. We all took it for a test drive and it handled really well turns , bends and stopping. I purchased the eco boost . It is a limited white with dune interior. bucket seats first and second row, Has the dvd player which i really didn't want but my 2 children like it. It is an extremely comfortable ride and I do not hurt when I get out of it. I wanted the panoramic windows. Don't have the tow package and one or 2 other pkgs . The pick up is just right, great for getting onto highways. It is so family friendly. I looked at the explorer but I am a wagon person. I don't know what they classify the flex as , to me it is a large wagon. SOme of the materials are not the best in quality but they aren't the worst either. I don't ever buy a car in the dark and when I woke up the next morning and went out to check it over I saw that the rear molding doesn't fit. The piece is in and that will get replaced next week. Also the wiring wasn't hooked up for the ambient lighting on the shifter area that has been fixed. I also learned they have to take pictures of parts even if the car is new because people try to say it is a warrenty problem when they had an accident. Turning radius is big and parking in tiny lots is doable just not one turn your in.I am not complaining i knew all of these things about the car before I bought it. I am just letting others know.

2013 Ford Flex

Mullahey Ford treats their customers with respect. Only place I will shop!

2012-07-09 11:36:45

Mullahey Ford has only treated me with respect and professionalism. The deal I got on my new Ford Flex was awesome! THIS person sounds more like they have a personal grudge then an honest review of the car because Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande treated me right. Harry, the internet manager went above and beyond to get me the car I wanted at the price I wanted. They got the financing terms that worked for my budget. Mullahey Ford, Great Service, Strong Customer Satisfaction, Harry C. Internet Manager rocks!

2013 Ford Flex

Mullahey Ford has published another Mis-leading review

2012-07-08 11:48:57

Certainly they are just trying to improve the review ratings but unfortunately, the information published is incorrect, mis-leading, and only serves to try to make themselves look better than they are. As a dealership, they need to earn the respect and trust of their customers. Do Not Believe what they tell you. You will be disappointed. Don't think this place will be around much longer

2013 Ford Flex

Beachpug1 alias Tim Beach is a disgruntled customer trying to slander FORD

2012-07-03 15:02:44

This is a response to the a post by beachpug1. He is a customer who has signed up with Ford corporate under a fictitious name because he doesn't like to receive email offer, etc. We understand that. The problem is when he purchased his beautiful new Ford Flex from Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande and was treated as all our other customers are, with professionalism and respect he tried use a coupon from Ford under a made up name! You see, Ford doesn't know when people are lying to them or submitting erroneous information, they like us expect customers to be honest and forthcoming. Ford issued Tim B. a generous rebate of $750. Unfortunately it was a personalized offer and Tim P tried to use it to buy his new car, this is equivolent to him taking his neighbors mail and using it for his own personal gain. NOT ALLOWED. And now he is angry at the salesperson for not doctoring the submitted information that he himself gave Ford. Harry C. at MULLAHEY FORD IN ARROYO GRANDE has tried to handle this within the guidelines set forth by Ford.

2013 Ford Flex

Ford & Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande Lie about Rebates

2012-07-01 11:43:30

I bought a 2013 Ford Flex and was told I would receive a $750 rebate. When I gave the coupon to the dealership to process, they sent it to Ford, and Ford would not honor it. The coupon was within the proper date range and I should have received the $750 rebate. The dealership "Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande, CA" wouldn't stand behind their customer (ME), the salesperson "Harry C" didn't deliver what he promised, and Ford ripped me off. I won't buy another Ford because of the way I was treated on this rebate. Customers beware..... get it in writing and stay away from Mullahey Ford in Arroyo Grande.

2013 Ford Flex


2012-01-17 20:55:40

We love our Flex. We have the Limited. It has all the bells and whistles and comfort you could ever want.We have the AWD and it is great in the mountains, on curves and weather conditions. We had Sirrus when we first got it but didn't bother renewing it because the Sync system is great on its own. The Navigation and backup screen are wonderful. The only draw back with this car is the gas tank needed to be bigger. We have always driven Ford Windstars and they had 25.5 gal tanks. Concerning the power this car has the gas mileage is pretty good. We see more and more of the Flex's on the road and we still get asked about it. Keep up the good work Ford

2009 Ford Flex

Ford Flex

2011-09-17 18:53:03

This is without a doubt one of the best vehicles I've had. This one is completely loaded, including the refirgerator, and it has been a very outstanding vehicle. The only negative I can say is that it doesn't have the gas mileage that I would like. I usually get 17 or 18 around town with19 on the interstate. Otherwise, I will at least have this make at the top of my list when I trade.

2010 Ford Flex

Wonderful car

2011-08-30 15:04:54

I had a Toyota 4Runner and needed more room, we found the Ford Flex and Love it. It drives and rides so nice. I use to have a Ford Excursion that I Loved and did not think I would find anything that compares and the Flex does. I love this car!

2010 Ford Flex

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