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Import Fact before buying anything GM has to offer

softball007 2019-07-24 09:56:09

If you buy a GM product today , JMO you'd be a fool . THIS IS FROM A GM SITE https://www.complaintsboard.com/general-motors-corporation-b102043 YOU WILL SEE IT SHOWS 1079 Complaints Pending 0 and 3 resolved . I think that should get your attention This is coming from someone who has owned then over 40 yrs . I have a Sierra Denali 1500 6.2 L , They start wearing out around the time the break into 30,000 miles range , yes 30,000 . AWD front trans AXLE completely failed , I only have 36,000 on it ( all pampered miles ) Dash Board has now cracked ( which GM knows is a problem but refuses to fix ) The technician who was looking at my Problems said as soon as he saw it , MINE CRACKED IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT , whats that tell you . The Stability traction control has something faulty in it now and the Expensive Specialty Wheels are PEELING OFF CHROME LIKE CHEAP PAINT ON A OLD HOUSE . Here is something most buyer have no idea about , The Extended warranty The GM dealership con you into buying , well there is big surprise coming when you try and use it to get stuff like the dash board or any chrome or paint defectiveness fixed . GM sells you a extend BUMPER TO BUMPER warranty that they put in a loop hole , GM doesn't have to repair or fix anything GM DEEMS COSMETIC < YEP THAT RIGHT . your sun roof leaks into your interior , the interior is cosmetic , your paint starts peeling or fading its cosmetic . Now GM wants you to believe they aren't all bad , after you've spent TONS OF MONEY BUYING THEIR TOP OF THE LINE MOST EXPENSIVE " INDUSTRIAL GRADE PICKUP " , OUT OF THE KINDNESS OF THEIR BIG HEARTS ( MIND YOU TO FIX MY TRUCK RIGHT THEY SAID IT WOULD TAKE 4 TO 5 GRAND WHICH THEY WILL COVER NONE OF ) BUT BECAUSE THEY HAVE SUCH A HUGE HEART . THEY WILL OFFER ME A VOUCHER ( for around a grand Which the dealership will just take out of the value of your trade ) TO APPLY TOWARD ME BUYING ANOTHER FINE QUALITY GM PRODUCT THAT THEY WON'T STAND BEHIND . THE WORDS INDUSTRIAL GRADE IS A SLOGAN , GIMMICK ! NOTHING INDUSTRIAL GRADE ABOUT IT IN THE SERVICE I HAVE RECEIVED . Two things that are important that I have learned STOP BUY A VEHICLE CAUSE YOU LIKE THE LOOKS Stop reading the rating sites , READ ACTUAL REVIEWS & COMPLAINTS FROM CUSTOMER WHO HAVE GIVEN THE PRODUCT 1 and 2 STAR RATING . You will see actual problems and how GM Customer Service spends all their trying to get out of fixing a problem rather than actually fixing it Think I am just saying this AGAIN GO HERE LOOK AT THIS GM SITE , How much do you think they care about customer service and a defective Product https://www.complaintsboard.com/general-motors-corporation-b102043 FACT IS THIS : THE SMALLER THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY IS , IT IS TELLING YOU HOW RELIABLE THE MANUFACTURE BELIEVES THEIR VEHICLES ARE . THEY WANT OUT OF ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE VEHICLE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE > CAUSE THEY KNOW ITS GOING TO FAIL YOU ! Look at these sites https://www.hissingkitty.com/complaints-department/general-motors = 1.5 Star Rating

2020 GMC Terrain

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