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3.5 out of 5

Needs a bigger intercooler, otherwise a real treat for $50k

108774329308798239281 2020-09-19 14:19:20

2020 ST, 3.0L Twin Turbo V-6, 4800 lbs. Get a tune, break boost to 2800 rpm, then let her eat. This engine has tremendous potential.

2020 Ford Explorer

Nice Car, Horrible Transmission

otto 2020-04-22 01:18:26

I actually like this car. Its nice looking, spacious, simple and easy to use controls, and very functional. Unfortunately, the transmission is a loser. I work in real estate, so looking at properties, lots of stop and go driving. Shifting from 1st into 2nd gear, and 2nd into 3rd gear, is quite jerky. Also, when the car is downshifting from 3rd into 2nd, and 2nd into 1st gear, the car lunges forward in a jerky manner. I assumed that since it is such an important car for Ford, that they would do extensive testing to make sure it runs really well before selling it. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Do some homework and you will see many reviews have commented on the jerky transmission (Motortrend, Consumer Reports, etc). What happened is that Ford redid their manufacturing plant on a fasttrack, and ended up having lots of 2020 Explorers could not be sold due to quality problems, and had to send the cars to third party companies to fix them. Do yourself a favor and wait a year or two if your heart is set on an Explorer. If I didnt have the transmission problem, I do like the car and would probably have given it a 5 star rating. I'll be fighting with Ford now. As an engineer, I always knew you shouldnt buy the first year of a new model. The 2020 Explorer is newly designed and has a new transmission system as well. Better to wait a year or two until the issues are discovered and worked out. Did I listen to what I knew? Ofcourse not. I went out on a limb and trusted Ford. Maybe I can help you avoid this same problem. Best of luck.

2020 Ford Explorer

The ST 3.0L Twin Turbo is a Masterpiece....

Steven 2019-11-04 18:55:34

After over 2500 miles on my 2020 Explorer ST, here is where I'm at. First a little history. Yes, I am a ford SUV guy. This is my SEVENTH. Mix of Explorers and Expeditions. Towed everything under the sun....through the hot desert sun of the Mojave and over the grapevine. Zero issues....with ANY of them. Except a bad battery cable on the 1993 V6 XLT that decided to corrode at the 1YO mark. Go figure. So, 2500 miles into this new model....new engine....new tranny. Lets just say that in Sport Mode, if passes multiple vehicles at ANY speed....in a few seconds. Yes, it moves QUITE well for its size. That V-6 is simply....amazing! I have a 2014 E550 with a twin turbo V-8 and I swear it will almost keep up with it. This 3.0L turbo simply pulls and pulls and pulls. It loves the 4K-6K power band and begs for the next gear to show off all over again! The ST suspension is stiff. Not unbearably, but it is stiff. It therefore handles VERY well given its weight. I bought the ST Pack for extra breaking and they really are quite nice when you need them. Careful though when breaking hard. There is so much grip that everything in the vehicle will slide forward fast if not buckled in. Fit and finish? Well, it is a Ford. They could spend a few $$'s on upgraded materials, but I'm good with it. I bought the vehicle for that V-6 not to be super cush with 10 USB ports. That center touch screen that is getting poor reviews ACTUALLY is quite nice for 50YO eyes. Yes, having a huge map to read is supremely nice to interact with. After a few days of driving, the large size feels just right and appreciated. Ok...now for the rest. Yes it has some plastic and is not the biggest SUV for the money. I had rented a Expedition over the summer for a couple weeks and almost bought it instead. But no. I heard about this little screaming motor and wanted to try it out. Happy I did. Could I have bought a Kia or a Hyundai or a Toyota or a Honda or a GMC? Sure. But THIS motor puts all of theirs to shame. 21+Mpg and 400hp? Ummmmmm....yes. Worth it? For me, yes. Absolutely.

2020 Ford Explorer

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