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This is not a car, it's a science project gone bad

2018-04-19 06:58:00

Ordered the car when it was announced and waited 6 months for delivery. Finally the dealer called to say the car was ready. The car was presented for a test drive with great ceremony. However, it sounded like a coffee grinder idling at the curb. Worst test drive of my life. The haptic accelerator is annoying at best. The brakes are "grabby" and there is no way to slow the car smoothly. The electric drive train would not take the car above 30mph. At that point, the gas engine kicks in with a thud. The gas engine itself is underpowered, so the whole car feels like an underpowered Audi q3 or BMW M1 in a larger body package. There seems to be no point to the electric drive feature of the car, other than bragging rights. It doesn't begin to compare to the Porsche hybrid where the electric drive train takes you to 50+ mph and then the gas engine comes on smoothly and seamlessly. In the Porsche the only way to know you are burning gasoline is to look at the dashboard.. Perhaps the test drive car was defective. However, the sales rep proudly told me that's the way Mercedes designed it. Told me that if I didn't buy the car from the dealer, he would. What a disappointment!

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e

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