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Six speed manual Legacy

2016-05-18 00:38:27

Yup, in Canada we can buy the US made Legacy with a nice manual. Obviously not many Americans want that but I would not have bought this car had the CVT been my only choice. The Legacy is near dead quiet, easily soaks up rough road imperfections and handles fast corners predictably and confidently. The interior space is excellent. The drivers power seat is very comfortable. Visibility is excellent. The feature set in the mid level 4 cylinder is good. This is not a fast car however and it might do well to have another 15-20 hp. I'm averaging 29 mpg and am a mostly conservative driver but we live in the mountains and much of this was done on winter rubber. The AWD is amongst the very best on the road and for the price, it makes the Legacy unbeatable value. We cross shopped it with the Accord and while that's a great car, the AWD was the deciding factor. It's just been thru it's second winter and I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.

2016 Subaru Legacy

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