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2016 with defective passenger side airbag

2016-05-17 19:14:27

Great car if they would 1st take responsibility for the defective passenger airbag. Car is perfect but airbag system is still defective. Even with 6 videos and a service advisor seeing the defect unless the computer reads it Nissan will do nothing feel free to verify before you purchase the vehicle. Also even after the recall and no solution from Nissan they are still selling the defective vehicle knowing that future customers safety is in jeopardy. Consumer affairs is a big joke and a waste of time. Again I will say the car runs excellent and is great for its value but with a key component like the airbag being defective and Nissan unwilling to fix the problem even if you have actual proof it is almost pointless to buy this vehicle. You have been warned passenger side airbag on the 2016 Altima will show airbag off light even when the seat is occupied by a passenger of correct weight and sitting in the seat in the proper position with the seatbelt on. Even if you video record the defect in action as well even if one of their own service advisors or mechanics see the defect in action they will not repair your vehicle if the computer does not detect the defect. Do not expect any support from Nissan North America in resolving the problem they will not replace any parts and they will try to convince you this is there new intelligent technology and this is how it should be working. Despite the vehicle being such a great buy, a company that will not repair or replace such an important safety piece is terrible. I would have to tell anyone who is considering buying a Nissan Altima, do not do it purchase a different vehicle. I could not recommend this vehicle to anyone and be able to sleep good at night. I hate to leave such a bad review on such a great car. For the record I have verified several times with Nissan Corporation and the National Highway and Transportation Safety that my specific vehicle is not on their recall list which would then require them to fix the airbag defect under their warranty this was a brand new car purchased, within 508 miles the defect appeared the vehicle has been reprogrammed and recalibrated several times Nissan Corporation States as long as their computer does not read the defect they will not be fixing or repairing or replacing anything on my car. Despite six videos of the defect in action a service advisor witnessing the defect as it was occurring and documenting that he saw the defect and several service managers as well as mechanics stating that they are aware my car has a defect but Nissan has no clue what to do keep in mind they sold me this car four days before they announced their National recall and to date they have no resolution for the problem. Don't take my word for it don't take the dealerships or Nissan's word for it look it up online we're in an information era all of this information is publicly accessible.

2016 Nissan Altima

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