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2016-05-05 19:17:23

We've now driven our Focus Titanium over 130,000 kilometers and will say we're as happy with it now as when we bought it new. YES, the manu/matic transmission operation can cause low speed acceleration jerkiness but instantly goes away backing off slightly on the throttle. It's worst when the drivetrain is hot such as after a high speed drive and less noticeable when driving at lower speeds. If you can technically understand what's happening when that Jerk occurs you'll quickly learn how to stop it from happening. Just think manual shifting and too quick of a clutch release. Harder acceleration from a stop or low speed forces the cluth to engage quicker.Anyway, my wife now understands and so do our two kids, No shuddering from our Focus. :)

2016 Ford Focus

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2015-12-29 09:18:58

very good site.

2016 Ford Focus

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