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2015-03-10 23:39:07

I owned a 2012 Soul+ and traded it in for my 2015 Soul+ . There are small design changes, some I like, some I don't. But, overall, there is no other vehicle on the market today that I would consider buying. I will continue buying KIA Souls as long as they are on the market in the USA. (Our family has purchased 9 KIAs in the past 10years.......1 Rio, 1 Sedona Van, 3 Fortes, 4 Souls, and the Souls are my favorite! And just for those whom may wonder......No, I am not a Kia employee or related to a Kia employee. I am just a Plain-Jane hard working American woman whom likes to get the most for her money and buys quality products. I rated the overall rating 4 instead of 5 because I don't like the loss of cd players in vehicles. I rated exterior styling 4 instead of 5 because the 2015 is one inch longer and one inch wider than my 2012, and I hope Kia doesn't keep increasing the Soul's size because the small size with lots of room is my biggest buying factor.....beside it's cool design. Bottom line, test drive a Soul and you will LOVE IT!!!!

2015 Kia Soul

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