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4.5 out of 5

Don't like it.

2016-07-28 16:23:20

We have a 2014 Ford Escape Titanium. Personally, from a comfort standpoint, it is a waste of money. It is OK around town, but rides too rough for a trip. It also steers stiff and handles poorly. It is a couple years old, but only has 12,000 miles on it, as we opt to drive our Chevy conversion van most of the time. You cannot adjust the AC/heater or stereo without looking at the touch screen display while taking your eyes off the road. Think I would prefer an Edsel.

2014 Ford Escape

Air/windshield noises driving me crazy

2015-03-12 13:31:41

Overall I like this car but air/windshield sounds are very annoying. If I use the voice navigation system while going overy 30 MPH it keeps hearing the wind noises and adds S's to its interpretation of what I'mean trying to say. Dealership says that the noise is "within tolerance". They have been unwilling to attempt any remedy. I've owned an Edge and Explorer in the past with no problems. Feel like selling and buying from a different car manufacturer. Super annoyed!!!!!

2014 Ford Escape

Best Escape so far.

2014-12-17 11:40:29

I have owned 5 Ford Escapes since 2001. I have loved everyone of them. They have been amazing, reliable, good gas mileage vehicles. I have never had one warranty issue with any of them. I have owned every combination available. a 4 cylinder 5 speed fwd, a 4 cylinder 5 speed 4wd, a v6 automatic 4wd, a v6 automatic fwd, and a 4 cylinder automatic 4wd. These are rock solid very well made small SUV's that get the job done in comfort with no hassles..I will continue to own these in the future as many of my family members own them also with no problems.

2014 Ford Escape

Great room

2014-07-17 10:57:17

I bought this vehicle because I needed to transport comfortably a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and two Shih Tzus. It is terrific! The ride is terrific and I love all the amenities. Only thing I would put on a wish list is that the back window could open. It would be easier to get the Shih Tzus in and out! Otherwise, I would recommend this vehicle to anyone and everyone. I am actually hoping my daughter gets one because of the safety, durability, and great drive.

2014 Ford Escape

Ford Escape LE

2014-07-17 10:06:19

Love this truck,but for the 2 recalls so far i hope i didnot make a miss take.Hope there are no more recalls,but being new to the new makeover,you can only hope for the better.

2014 Ford Escape

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