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2016-02-09 06:05:22

I am told that the 2014 is essentially the same as the 2013 in terms of ride, comfort and performance. So with this caveat I am offering my 2 cents on my 2013 Lacrosse, P1. After researching the competitors product for those things that were important to me, comfort, sound dampening (least road noise), performance and level of fit and finish, I elected the Lacrosse.With three years under the tires and numerous 1000 mile road trips I can say I am throughly pleased with the car. Although I think of it as more of a luxury (for my budget) vehicle, one does get a sense, due to the interior design, your driving a sportier car. It has all the available power that I could ever use, it is the quietest car for the money, as tested with a decibel meter before my purchase and it has leg room to spare. At 6'3" even my tallest rear seat passengers have plenty of leg room. The only thing that was a little hard to get used to was the minimally reduced visibility at 10 & 2 from the front pillars. So anyone considering this car should sit in a while and pay close attention to this only minor drawback. For the money, after three years, I still think this the best bang for the buck in this category car.

2014 Buick LaCrosse

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