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5.0 out of 5

Quiet Tiny SUV, but good luck getting one

2014-08-29 09:07:15

The very worst thing about the Buick Encore is the wait to get one; six months from order to delivery. Nothing the dealer can do. The best thing about it (top of the line-equipped) is the quiet; you hear tire noise, but everything else is far quieter than you expect. The amount of space inside is deceptive for the diminutive exterior, but you need to know the trick to folding the rear seats; the rear headrests DO come all the way off, even if the dealer says they don't. Then you pull UP on the FRONT of the rear seats, flip them up, and fold the back down -> voila! A lot fits there. The lack of performance from the MPG-tuned transmission is noticeable, ******** a high-revving engine that has pickup if the revs are up. No fit & finish issues in five months; no maintenance needed either, despite notes from the dealer. So many electronics ************** you: blind side detection works well, as does front collision avoidance, lane departure warning, and speed controls; but the voice command seems to have trouble recognizing certain voices. It is, however, very polite: "please make an illegal U-turn if possible." (Or maybe it's "legal" ******** hard to tell.) Lots of menu options, but you'll probably settle on using only a few most of the time. BMW-like central electronics control instead of touchscreen, but that's because the screen is so far from the driver. Very good All Wheel Drive system holds the road quite well, even in high-speed curves; haven't tried it in snow/ice yet. A/C works all the time, on a cycle, and you can hear it "clunk" into operation in humid weather. On the whole, a very, very nice little car, and the smallest SUV on the road (ignore the Mini SUV designation; that's just marketing). Now if you could only get one in a reasonable period of time after ordering ...

2014 Buick Encore

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