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prius v

2012-11-19 17:26:00

This was a diffacult decison because we had a camry hybrid that was the perfect car-except for room to carry stuff.. we decided on the prius v - 5 with the tech package. all I can say is there is no 1 perfect car/truck that does everything, but the prius v covers 3 main areas. 1 (Prius like) gas milage is great, 2- it has more room to haul than our 04 Rav-4 and 3- It rides similar to our 07 camry hybrid. Its a great choice. also it will be very reliable and last forever without problems. (Unlike my sisters Ford focus which has cost her nearly as much in repairs as she paid for it, just to get 135,000 miles on It. Ford buyers beware if you are thinking of spending your money on something that will surely give you a lot of trouble and expence....Do your homework!!!

2012 Toyota Prius v

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