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2012 Escape XLT 4x2 202a

AOL user 2015-04-30 16:18:50

I enjoy driving this vehicle, but the mistake was made when I chose dealer, Suburban Motors. I am in the process of taking legal action over the lies told by their Customer Service Representative. This has cost me $$$ and forces me to get my service done elsewhere. FORD direct all communication back to these people who deny all. Ford will not talk to me directly as they believe their employees regardless. All Ford dealers for a great distance around are owned by the Victoria Ford Ford Alliance though they don't go out their way to share that info. If you're going to buy Ford, check out the ownership as well as complaints on service.

2012 Ford Escape

2012 ford escape limited V6

jimajet 2012-08-05 15:01:42

This is a front drive loaded with leather, heated seats, backup sensors and camera, fords great sync, moon roof, roof rack,power adjustable drivers seat, heated mirrors, interior auto rearview mirror,and a 240hp V6 engine. This a very quiet and comfortable small suv that gets a average of about 23 mpg city and highway. Expert reviews may disagree but the interior is very user friendly and and attractive without looking like a space ship from another planet. The ride is smooth and comfortable, the engine provides plenty of power for passing. This is a refined vehicle that has been in production for many years and this feeling is conveyed upon driving. Its solid feel and assembly quality is excellent. Experts may criticize the brakes but they are adequate since the nature of this vehicle inspires you to drive it like an suv not a sports car. I have 1500 miles on this vehicle and saved over $5000 off the vehicles price since a redesign was coming out soon. I think this is a great vehicle at a tremendous bargain price that the imports can't match. Ford really serves and cares about their customers and the dealer reflects this same philosophy. Appealing and attractive design economical and comfortable good service network good resale value and proven quality this vehicle is worthy of comparison.

2012 Ford Escape

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