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The Last-BEST year!!

2016-02-24 09:18:11

2011 is the final year the amazing EOS was made, before the regrettable "Facelift." Radically changed are the head & taillights, with the sportiness erased completely, vying for a more "laid-back, executive style." Gone are the big, round Corvette style rear lights (brilliant clear in daylight), teardrop headlamps (now boring run-of the mill style), the changeable front chrome grille (now you're stuck with, again, boring, typical, female-oriented wraparound grille) which can be inexpensively switched to an all-black grille (45.00!). They ruined the stereo system by changing the user-friendly touch-screen controls to a ferris-wheel style circular concoction, which every review has bashed. Clearly VW began making up for the huge losses this vehicle cost them by not budgeting the EOS properly for promotion, hoping that the ingenious hardtop would sell itself once it hit the roads. All the $$ went into the manufacturing of the EOS, as it would have cost much more than its already overpriced tickets had they spent more on advertising this GEM of an all-around, does it all car. For those of us who "got it," we are a select few who own the very best, ONE OF A KIND HARDTOP-CONVERTIBLE, in the world!

2011 Volkswagen Eos

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