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4.5 out of 5

2011 Black EX FWD

2011-09-05 08:59:18

We bought this vehicle after extensive online and live research of all the usual competitors. Once comparisons were objectively quantified the Sportage was clearly the best value and choice for us. We love the european styling cues incorporated throughout this vehicle, it looks great coming, going, or standing still. It is my wife's vehicle and she is continually stopped and questioned by others about the appearance and manufacturer of it. Although it has been noted by some experts and owners alike that the ride is stiff and the steering requires constant driver input, we have not found this to be a problem even after having read those reviews and attempting to be conscious of it. The Sportage is no different than any other of the numerous vehicles we have had over the years, foreign and domestic, you have to drive the car. In fact, it handles and responds much better, quickly and with less effort than just about all of the hydraulically assisted domestic vehicles we have ever owned. The ride is well planted and stable, which is great if you love to DRIVE cars. We traded in a 2007 4Runner Sport with 35K on it, which we loved, for the Kia primarily because of the exceptional job that Kia did redesigning the Sportage, we were not looking for a replacement vehicle until we saw the car online. Given Kia's reputation for quality and value I believe this was a very good choice for us, especially if the Kia can maintain its value over time as the 4Runner did.

2011 Kia Sportage

Love the redesigned Sportage!

2011-03-26 08:35:54

This is my fourth Kia vehicle and second Sportage model, my first being a 2007 Sportage EX. I find the 2.4 liter 4 cylinder to have more power than my previous 2.7 liter V6. I absolutely love this newly redesigned model, as it is much more fuel efficient and definately loaded with all the features anyone could ask for at a much lower price than others comparable models. I bought the techno orange with all the gadgetry, and definately appreciate the voice command. Want to tune to another Sirius radio station? Hit one button on the steering wheel and tell it what station you want, done! Very comfortable interior and the exterior body style is not only unique, but it is an attention getter. The first day I drove this I was stopped by three people who wanted to admire its low profile, and the LED running lights just add to what already screams out almost snarling like with the front end design. I have never had a mechanical failure with a KIA and had 80,000 miles in just 4 short years with my 2007 Sportage so that says alot. These are quality built cars and SUVs that definately put pressure on the American manufacturers to step up in design and quality for a more affordable price. You can't go wrong here!!!!

2011 Kia Sportage

Review of 2011 Kia Sportage

2011-02-11 09:13:26

I love the new style but after owning this Kia for 2 months i find the steering wonders, the Bluetooth hasnt work half the time, over all its not a bad car put probably wouldnt buy another .

2011 Kia Sportage

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