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5.0 out of 5

This is not your fathers car...

AOL user 2011-03-24 21:21:11

I have the 5.0 and it is an eye catcher. I have had several people stop me to say "hot car". The 5.0 moves, the roar of the engine is truly BMW. If you are looking for the family SUV, look at the X5, if you are looking for a ride that is hot and will turn heads - look at the X6. The X6 is not a vehicle you see everyone driving, it is an "Ultimate Driving Machine" only a few will enjoy.

2010 BMW X6

Amazing Vehicle

AOL user 2009-11-18 20:31:16

Contrary to the general negative opinion from the automotive press, my experience (at 1.600 miles) with my 2010 X6 5.0 has been extremely positive. LOTS of room for stuff in the back, and plenty of space for two rear passengers. Built like a tank, with gorgeous interior finishes. I got most options, including heads up display, sports package, comfort ventilated seats, premium Harman Kardon (Lexicon) Logic 7 sound system which is excellent (I am a professional symphony musician, and this sound system is plenty good enough for my ears). Newly revised I-drive is intuitive and simple to access, and works very well with the onboard navigation and other systems (such as complete I-pod control and phone bluetooth interface). Performance on the road is amazing, making it hard to believe that this thing weighs about 5,000 pounds. Sense of speed is non-existent, which is why the heads up display is so helpful. Very easy to drive smoothly at 100 mph + which could get you in trouble with the law. There are several updates for 2010, including the "top view" cameras (three) which makes parking this thing incredibly easy. All you have to do is watch the screen, and dock the X6 like a spacecraft. I've owned several BMW's and Mercedes since 1972, and this is the best designed and executed vehicle I have ever driven. No, it isn't for soccer moms, or huge families. But for my wife, me, our two cats, and my huge contrabassoon case that easily fits in the back with only one rear sear folded down, the X6 is a perfect. I drove both the 3.5 and 5.0, and there was no contest; the 5.0 is so much more refined and agile. BMW really hit one out of the park with the 2010 X6 5.0!

2010 BMW X6

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