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Russian's flaming BMW doused by poo truck

Warning: don't watch prior to eating

Put yourself in the following scenario: The engine bay of your car has caught fire. You quickly pull off to the side of the road. Your mind races for a way to douse the flames. You can’t bear to do nothing while you wait for the fire department to arrive. There’s a big truck nearby — and hey, it’s got a tank! But what's that say on the side … oh, it’s a septic hauler?

That’s the synopsis of this potboiler (sorry) viral video, and — spoiler alert — the driver went for it.

According to the Russian government-funded news site RT, the incident took place in the Russian city of Samara, about 660 miles east of Moscow. The man was driving a BMW X6 when smoke began pouring out from under the hood. At some point he enlists help from the driver of the septic truck, who positions a hose to douse the red-hot hood and, later, the exposed engine bay itself, in a torrent of thick, disgusting sludge. Imagine the smell! (Or better yet, don’t.)

There were apparently no injuries, but the fate of the burned and feces-coated X6 is unclear. Video of the incident had around 43,000 shares on Facebook alone, and nearly 7,000 comments. Many of them on the news feed of one user who shared it were variations on questioning why the man didn’t just let the car burn.



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