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AOL user 2009-09-27 20:07:35

First Cooper S I have owned. Traded a 2007 Cadillac Escalade for it and never looked back. Much larger inside than it looks and very comfortable. Have had two Porsches and this Cooper S runs rings around both and gets better gas mileage in the process. Magnet for lookenspeepers. I spend considerable time explaining to the "public" about it in parking lots. Quality is outstanding, performance outstanding, gas mileage outstanding. My wife and I fight over who will drive (she usually wins...snicker). Have studied Coopers for a year and am very happy I bought one. Only downside is the lack of local dealers but 15,000 mile services and quality workmanship eliminate the need for frequent visits to the dealer. I am very pleased with my MINI Cooper S.

2009 MINI Cooper S

2009 Mini S Convertible

barkcar 2009-08-17 15:58:31

We just receive our Mini last month. It has been everything we expected and more. It has the power and handling of a race car and it is loaded with just about any extra that you could think of and a few that I had never considered. The mileage is good and it is very well put together. It is just a fun car to have and drive. we are looking forward to taking it for a trip to the mountains later in the month.

2009 MINI Cooper S


tomcat1647 2009-07-10 12:00:57

I traded in my 2007 Lexus RX350 for my MINI Cooper S. The Lexus did everything 'perfectly' but was bring to drive. All of my wishes were answered with my MINI. I liked the idea of making your MINI yours by being able to order it anyway I wanted. The site keeps you up-to-date on the progress from order to build to dealer, NICE. Was also thinking of the Mustang GT but with gas prices glad I have my MINI. It never fails to keep the 'fun factor' alive in me plus it is a serious race or rally car if you want. Lots of nice 'goodies' can be put on the MINI. I had the JCW Performance Package; Brembo Brakes and alot of other things to personalize my MINI. Yes, people do see it and ask me about it. Yes, this car has lots of attitude. The paddles work really well and you don't have to move the shifter to use them, Just press them and they're engaged returning you to 'D' if you don't use them within about 5 seconds. The only thing that I'd like to see is what gear I'm in even when just in 'D' position like my wife's MX-5. The dealer MINI of Scottsdale has been 'great' and really treat you like a valued customer all of the time. We have no kids and the storage is just enough to go shopping or fit a good number of items if need be. The MINI COOPER S is not a cheap car but is worth the price. Options can quickly raise the price ******** worth it. I'd recommend this car to anyone that wants to have fun and cares about how a car really performs. After all, it's really built by BMW and feels it. Go out get one and have alot of fun! Oh yes, you can really drive 'spirity' and still get better than average gas mileage!

2009 MINI Cooper S

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