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5.0 out of 5

Dependable, Peppy and Well built

2010-09-08 23:06:54

The five speed trans shifts smoothly and the Fit seems to have very low roll resistance adding to the increase in gas milage. I am 5'6" and the driving position/seats lack lumbar support. I use a small pillow at the small of my back to help on long trips. Honda would have a real top winner with improved seating and perhaps a telescoping steering wheel. Honda does not offer cruise control in the manual transmission models. The gas pedal tends to cramp the foot due to the overall driving position so a sport model with auto trans and cruise control would alleviate this discomfort. Still, the driving position tends to place the legs and knees in a "high" position that I find uncomfortable on long trips. Otherwise this is a great commuter car that will most likely be very dependable. I get an average of 33 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.

2008 Honda Fit

Review of 2008 Honda Fit

2010-07-14 19:59:39

I own a 2008 Fit with a stick shift. I think it is a very unsafe car because the pedals are so small and close together. You can apply the brake and gas pedal at the same time very easily. It would probably be safer if it was an automatic.

2008 Honda Fit

Love my Fit

2009-03-11 13:00:06

My Fit is awesome. The only issue I run into is the pick up. I like to get off the line quick. But I haven't had any problems with the vehicle. I use it for everything I need from food shopping to transporting my bike to the trail. Its versatile and the interior is unbelievably spacious.

2008 Honda Fit

Review of 2008 Honda Fit

2009-02-12 21:43:55

My husband and I bought the 2008 Fit Sport last March and couldn't be happier. We get 40 to 45 mpg in town and on the road. My husband is 6'4" and has no trouble getting in and out and twice has driven it to Tn. to visit our daughter. I show my dogs, a toy breed and it is nothing to get 4 to 6 dogs, crates, grooming tables and all the other stuff you always take in the back with the seats down. What a wonderful little car....sue

2008 Honda Fit


2008-11-14 00:36:19

I love my 2008 Sport Honda Fit. I brought my car in June 2008. At first i didnt like how it looked but once i got use to it and drove it i fell in love. It may look small but there is a lot of space. The back seats can fold up or down depending on how u want them. The mpg is GREAT. My gas tank was almost on "E" and it took only $15 to fill my tank. Gas was at $2.15 per gallon. I would recommend this car to everyone.

2008 Honda Fit


2008-11-01 11:44:28

I bought my Fit in 12/07. I downscaled from a sport package Mini Cooper. Not flashy, but a Honda-its the base model, no extras at all. Pluses: gas mileage & unlike the Mini takes regular gas. The back seats when they are down -a ton of room. Minus's-the tires are tiny and it seems they always need air. I don't miss my Mini as much as I thought I would. Gets me from point A to point B---Reccomended!

2008 Honda Fit

2008 honda fit

2008-10-26 10:52:57

I bought a new honda fit sport 5sp. Over period of 5000+ miles have averaged 40+ miles per gallon (city and road). Am 6'3 and have all the room I need. routinely carry 350 lbs of corn in rear, in bags, with no problem, and plenty of room for other items. Best car I ever owned in 65 yrs. of life. holds 4 adults with room to spare. Plenty of power and fun to drive. Spacious,comfortable, fuel efficient. Needs only better intermittent wipers to be perfect.

2008 Honda Fit


2008-10-25 09:34:06

one of the best items i have purchased in the last 20 years. fit is a lot of fun drive, spacious, and very quick for a 4 banger. i am 6'4 door are very easy to get out of, handels like a miny sports car,steering is very responsive, like the paddle shifter when driving, very tight and solid when driving and quality for a small car is great. when it comes down to it you can't beat a honda of any kind. (truth)

2008 Honda Fit

Love my car!!!

2008-10-23 14:17:35

I love my Honda Fit! I have a manual transmission, and I regularly get 37-38 mpg. I get 40 tp 41 mpg on highway driving. It handles really well, even in snow, and is fun to drive. It has an amazing amount of room, even in the back seat. We took it on vacation this summer and my husband did most of the driving. He's 6'5" and was quite comfortable driving it.

2008 Honda Fit

dealership problems

2008-09-25 17:51:43

I bought a FIT last year and love it EXCEPT: within 90 days I had to replace all 4 tires. They all had pin prick size holes by the rims. I kept taking the car back because the tires were low or flat within 3 days of airing them up. The dealership basically told me to get bent. I would recommend the FIT but NOT Honda El Paso Dealership!

2008 Honda Fit

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