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5.0 out of 5

Fit Facts

2008-12-27 17:47:04

I purchased the 2007 Fit Sport. The window sticker said 38 mpg. I got 38 once. Since then I have logged (I do keep a mileage/fuel log) 40 to 47 mpg. I drive 5 over the limit usually. It has plenty of spunk even at this altitude.(6000 to 8700)I drive from Cripple Creek to Colorado Springs daily. The handling is crisp. It rides like a small car, because it is. It has a lot of storage, especially with the flat fold down seats. I drove it to Cochran, Georgia and back. I was comfortable at the end of each days drive. I installed an XM radio and some really great (on ice)Toyo Observ tires. What a great little commuter car!

2007 Honda Fit

Fabulous Fit

2008-10-04 14:45:22

Was one of the first to own this car (2006) and it is now two years old and still everything I would want in a car. Small but lots of space for pets and garden supplies. Xmas Tree taken home last year inside car was too tall for living room. Even tall son comfortable riding shotgun.

2007 Honda Fit

I love the space. Virtually anything will fit in my Honda Fit!

2008-08-07 19:15:51

I ordered my Fit without having ever been in one or having seen one in person. I searched for a small car with great gas mileage and the safety features I wanted for months. The Honda Fit was a perfect match. The comparable Toyota's did not include side curtain airbags and that would have been a very expensive add-on. I was called by my Honda dealer the day my car started being built and received updates every step of the way, which was really neat. I am 5'10" and was nervous about buying such a small car especially since I'd never sat in one. It is just the slightest bit snug, but not uncomfortable. My boyfriend is 6'4" and it's not the most comfortable car for him, but he rarely complains. Although my gas mileage isn't as good as I'd hoped for (I average right about 30 mpg each fill up), the space in the car is unbelievable. I just brought a new dishwasher home in my car yesterday, no trouble loading or unloading it. I can easily fit 10 bags of mulch and have moved many large, bulky items that wouldn't come close to fitting in any of the Toyota Camry's I used to have. I did have trouble when one of my tires had to be replaced. No place in the area carried the tires, which are rated for about 140 mph (with gas prices the way they are, I never go above 65 mph). The cost was comparable between the dealership and a tire place to special order the sport tires that go on the car. It cost about $130 for the tire (including mounting, balance, valve stems and disposal of the old tire). I wish the car came with a more standard sized tire and I think having a tire with a speed rating of 140 mph is pretty excessive and makes replacements ridiculously expensive. Overall, I'm very pleased with the car and the features. It is definitely worth every penny of the price.

2007 Honda Fit

Gets better mileage than claimed!

2008-08-02 16:48:39

I bought a 2007 Fit Sport Automatic about an hour after the first US delivery back in May 2006. i now have almost 79,000 miles on it, and have kept track of my mileage the whole time. On open highway driving (e.g. thruway, country roads) I routinely get 40 mpg; combined city/highway (my usual daily grind involves a lot of city driving on the job), the mileage has never fallen below 36. I have to say I LOVE this car!! In 79,000 miles it has needed nothing but routine oil/air filter changes, 1 set of tires and 1 set of brakes. Handles like a dream, carries big & tall folks with comfort, and hauls an amazing amount of stuff (got an 8 foot Christmas tree in there with room to spare), and handles well on snow & ice. Only thing I would change about it is the cheapskate fabric on the interior and it needs some decent rugs on the floor.

2007 Honda Fit

Review of 2007 Honda Fit

2008-06-04 16:52:55

2007 Honda Fit

Honda Fit is the BEST!!!

2007-11-05 07:03:00

Excellent car, gas mileage is great, excellent radio sound and overall, I love this CAR!!!

2007 Honda Fit

Fit Lover

2007-10-27 06:38:03

I love my Fit. It's zippy and I love driving it. It rides so smooth, I sometimes don't realize how fast I'm going.

2007 Honda Fit


2007-10-21 11:03:35

I have a 2007 Fit and I love it. I was in a bad accident, my fault, in July. I was hit by a Ford SUV on my front fender. The car spun around but I was not hurt. The seat belt did leave some bruising but considering the SUV was going 60mph the car stood up very well. It cost $10,000 to repair and runs great. One thing I did learn is there is a blind spot between the windshield and passenger window. So be very careful when crossing a street, come to a complete stop, do not roll like I did because the SUV was in my blind spot and remained there as I rolled. I now stop, look to the right and make sure I look in front before I continue to cross. Other then my stupid mistake, I LOVE MY FIT and recommend the little jewel of a car. Thank you Honda for making such a great little car. It's great on gas, and sorry but I got 42 miles per gallon when I was traveling on the interstate.

2007 Honda Fit

The Honda Fit fits

2007-10-18 06:53:26

I'm 6'2" 275. My primary vehicle is a Honda Fit and indeed I fit nicely in it. The only exception being I wish the seat would go back just 1/2 more notch. I'm right on the verge of being completely comfortable.

Besides the slight inconvenience in legroom, I LOVE the car. I bought the 5 speed after years of driving an automatic and it's easy to shift and a blast to drive.

Over the hot summer I consistently got 36 MPG. With the AC off I got 38 MPG out of the last tank. I found the tire pressures were low so I brought them up to 32 PSI and hope to do even better this time. I expect 40 MPG. This is mixed driving... about 1:2 ratio of suburb:interstate.

Would I recommend a Honda Fit? Put it this way, you aint gettin mine!

2007 Honda Fit

14 months and 62,000 miles later I'm still smiling

2007-10-16 05:49:29

I gotta say "I love this car". So inexpensive, so much room & so fun to drive.

Every one laughs at how a big guy like me (6'4", 360lbs) drives such a small car...then they see how much headroom I have & how I can put 3 other guys just as big as I am in the car...then it's "WOW".

This is my 4th Honda & I'm thrilled at the car's quality & the level of dealer service. Penske Honda Ontario, CA is awesome. They have gone above & beyond in ensuring I have been happy. A far cry from the Ford store I worked at for 3 years.

The F1 paddle shifters make this SOOOO fun to drive.

The handling is GREAT as demonstrated the other night at 75mph when I had to avoid a crash & went from the #2 lane to #4 in one swerve. A wagon shouldn't handle this well.

The car loves the redline! Put it in Sport Mode & paddle shift a smile on your face. Run her hard, she loves revs! Run it right up to 4500rpm & punch it to pass.

The gas mileage is good ( I average 28mpg with 90%hwy driving of 75-80mph, I've gotten a couple 31-32mpg tanks) but of course not what the sticker says. However the 08 sticker is WAY closer to accurate. The mileage actually went up 2-3mpg using 91 octane from Shell, Mobile or Chevron - consistently! Comes out a wash in $ per mile but you go farther on a tank of fuel.

The ability for this thing to swallow cargo & large people is amazing. Bike? boxes galore? Moving? monthly shopping trip to Costco?..no problem.

There are a few complaints but nothing major. The bumpers have had to be repainted due to peeling but Honda stepped right up. A simple spacer washer at the back edges stops the problem from recurring. The brakes seem to last about 19K miles but the pads are easy to change yourself. The car could be a little quieter inside but hey, not bad for the price.

Now for a few suggestions (listen up Honda): Rear disc brakes, Opt. Nav, Bluetooth, overhead console w/map lights, XM, steering wheel controls for radio & an armrest

2007 Honda Fit

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