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4.5 out of 5

Awesome car, my Blue!

AOL user 2009-09-10 19:32:31

Ordered her from the factory Windveil Blue w/spoiler delete and $100 3.55 rearend. She came on May 8, 2007, what a happy day! Such a sleeper, people don't know they are racing a GT until they see my taillights! 5 speed is awesome, who could even think of getting an automatic with a V8?

2007 Ford Mustang

My daughters pony

Tom5858 2009-03-18 18:09:43

I bought this car for my daughter while she was in high school. She now uses it to go back and forth to college. She loves it. It gets good mileage and is not bad on our insurance policy.

2007 Ford Mustang

Great car!!

Catwmn1956 2009-02-28 21:47:32

I bought a dark grey convertible last April. I love my car ..its not a GT and thats ok. My only beef is the cloth seats..they stain very easily. Yes it gets alot of looks and I love having the top down.

2007 Ford Mustang


Ww2mustang 2009-01-27 21:19:04

She wanted a Mazda Miata because "they're so cute". Luckily it only took one test drive to convince her that there is no substitute for a little V-8 muscle! We have been through two hard winters (snow tires are a must) and about 27,000 miles with only routine maintenance. This car has proven to be both fun and reliable. The interior is comfy even for long road trips and the shaker stereo is wonderful. My favorite part is the exterior styling; a modern version of the '68 Mustang. Oh, and the "19 mpg - highway" is a lie. We have been getting 27 mpg or better!

2007 Ford Mustang

Hot Car!

JRT575 2009-01-17 23:37:44

I love my blue mustang with white rocker stripes. All I can say is that the car gets quite a few looks!

2007 Ford Mustang

What Can I Say?

dasjuju 2008-12-14 21:54:52

It's a guy magnet. And a cop magnet! And every guy on the planet wants to race me. My 12 year old son actually thinks I am cool now.

2007 Ford Mustang

a great looking car

Penceisnotacent 2008-12-12 18:24:53

i purchased my gray convertable 2007 mustang as a present for myself on my birthday and i couldnt of asked for anything better. i am a single women and i get lots of looks and comments on my car. its pretty sad when your car gets eyed at and commented on more than you do!!! lol- its a good thing i love my sally!!

2007 Ford Mustang

Review of 2007 Ford Mustang

Ctylerspapa 2008-08-22 22:02:13

I love this car. I usually lease a car for my wife due to her putting very little milage on it, but when the 07 ragtop came out, I knew that I wanted one to keep. It rides great, handles like a dream, has enough horsepower to please this old man, and still gets decent gas mileage. we get great comments everytime we are out in it. I'd recommend it to any one.

2007 Ford Mustang

Love my little black GT

gtgirl4vr 2008-07-17 22:41:45

I love my 2007 black on black GT convertible. The best part about it is the way it looks. I get compliments all the time. What I am unhappy about is the problems I've had since the first week. The left rear tire makes a squealing noise even after repeated visits to Ford Service. The air fogs up the windshield, and the gas tank won't always take gas. Even if it is on empty. Factory defect which I wasn't let in on until I complained. Other than that it looks good and can handle fairly well on corners. Even though I'm a grandma I still like to go fast.

2007 Ford Mustang

Ford got this Mustang Right!

2008-07-04 10:54:13

I've had a 2007 Shelby GT 350 for a year - what a blast to drive! I traded in a modified '02 Premium GT, and this model is an improvment over the '00 -'04 series. The car looks fantastic - very agressive. Getting challanged to drag at every light does get a bit old. . . . it's not the hottest thing on the road, but it does perform very well for a normally aspirated car. You can definitely lay tracks anytime you want to - the car has a nice amount of usable power and torque (but that's why you buy a Mustang and not a Taurus, right?).The suspension package is superb - the car drives very well under all conditions, including wet pavement if you don't get too agressive off the line. Yes, as expected with the Z3 package, the ride is a bit stiffer than stock - but it doesn't succumb to some of the chatter I've noticed in some other sports cars (like the Camero and Corvette). The car handles well through corners and exhibits a slight tendency to oversteer, but the body is well-balanced.Fit and finish are very good. Eveything was where it should be - right down to the LeMans stripes. The gauges are well laid-out and ergonomically positioned. I love Ford's interior set-up (maybe because I'm used to it). Overall interior oomfort is good, although the car is never going to be as quiet as a touring sedan. Minor flaws:1. I've got a couple of minor rattles forward of the firewall I'm still diagnosing.2. The mirrors should be metal or housed in gloss polymer - the stock matte housings look cheap.3. The seats are good, but this car deserves better - lateral driver support could be improved.4. Guages should be white-faced, not reversed. Even the "My Color" adjustment is not as effective as having black-on-white digits. A Shelby suggestion: the hood scoop is obviously non-functional on the GT 350 and looks a bit corny. Roush's is better. Either modify or lose it. Overall - this is a great car that is fun and awesome to drive!

2007 Ford Mustang

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